Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mini Loot from Skin Temptations!

It took a while for me to write about my recent loot from Skin Temptations. Anyway, finally, I got the time to give my first impression posts about some of their products which was given to me by Ate Joy (thanks sis!). She even left a note asking to accept her gift. How sweet of her! Actually, it's my pleasure to try and write my innermost thoughts about her latest creations.

If you read my previous posts, you'll know that I'm into organic and naturally-made products that's why I'm following lots of them on my Instagram account. I've actually made a mental note to myself to hoard each of them even though there are a whole plethora of options. Just a big thank you, I was given the chance to try Skin Temptations skin care products.

Anyway, let's just randomly discuss the what I've got here! Just a simple warning, you might love everything as they are all worth raving about!

The biggest one in the loot is the Black Bites Bar (PHP100) , the product which instantly caught my attention. It comes in black color and the moment I saw this, I just can't wait to try it! Just give me another week so I can post a full review about it. I seriously wanted to gush about my experiences but not now! Not yet. Hihi!

It claims to give the skin superior whitening and gradual renewal without redness and irritation. It also exfoliates dead skin cells through its resurfacing crystals and willow bark.

Actually, this soap looks promising and it's big enough (135g) for a month of consumption. No breakouts yet, so far, so good! And it smells delicious too!

Th second one is the grape seed oil. I've never tried any beauty oil before since I thought it could trigger more oil production. That's the least I wanted to happen on my face as of the moment, you know. I can't afford to apply oil and eventually start to think of my face as something so unsightly.

However, this Grape Seed Oil (PHP160) is pretty amazing. No breakouts so far. I did not get an oil slick every time I use this (though there's still oil development after hours). It just leaves a sheen finish on my face after application. I guess this is a good sign that my hiyang factor goes to this! Just give me few more days to make my verdict whether it's something that I would want to include in my beauty regimen.

This is the last one from my loot and it's a Berry Kiss Cream (PHP80) that is advisable to use on both lips and cheeks. I am actually a fan of products that acts as multi-taskers like making cheeks flush and adding some natural tint to lips like this so I was really glad that I get to receive one from Skin Temptations. Although upon first use, I can say that it's perfect for my cheeks but not for my lips. It dries to moisturizing matte creme finish but it tends to accentuate dryness on my lips. I'm going to try this on my cheeks for a few more days and see if I get some breakouts. Mind you, my cheeks are very sensitive. Moreover, I find the scent a little bit off-putting but isn't bothersome at all.

All in all, most of their products looks promising to me, looking forward to try their lip balms and soaps soon when I emptied my previous purchases since I don't want them ready to throw away unused.

So yeah, that's all! Stay tuned for full reviews! Wanna try their other products? Go and visit their Instagram page! Don't forget to subscribe too. Happy blogging!


Disclaimer: Products were sent by Skin Temptations. However, all the views, thoughts or opinions presented are guaranteed my own.

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