Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My First Ever Beautymnl Haul

2016 is fast approaching and I promised myself to mark the coming year as the year for practicing and learning to do my own pro-like makeup. Basically, I'm starting from scratch so I always make time to watch some tutorials on basic application of eye shadows, foundation, lip sticks, mascara, eye liners, contour and most importantly, eyebrow kit to get some tips and tricks. I hardly perfect my shaping and taming my eyebrows and it will always need some real hard work.

To start this goal, I definitely need some beauty products to work my hands on and practice 'til I get to 'paint' like a pro (if that will ever happen, lol). So...I purchased my materials online!

Bought from:
Beauty Mnl (Shop here.)

Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation in B4 (PHP499)(PHP350)
Dream Satin Skin Two-Way Cake in B3 (PHP399)(PHP350)
3D Brow and Nose Palette in Dark Brown (PHP299)(PHP250)
Hypercurl Mascara (PHP199)(PHP150)
Fashion Brow in Dark Brown (PHP250)(PHP150)
L'oreal Gel Intenza 36H Eyeliner in Profound Black (PHP399)(PHP350)
Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm (PHP119)

I first came across Beauty Mnl website while reading Laureen Uy's blog. She's the current face of the shop so I got curious and decided to further explore the shop. I figured out that they have tons of promos every now and then like sales, freebies, discount coupons, and credits so I thought of mini-hoard some of the products of Maybelline. That's why most of my purchases are from this brand.

They also have review portions wherein you will receive PHP500 credits for every successful 35 reviews to be filtered by the moderator. I got PHP1000 credits, mind you.

I love foundations--both liquid and powder. Also, I heard these two acts as a duo and when combined give you great results, so yeah, I did buy both. I also bought their Matte Mousse Foundation in the department store yesterday since the product is not available online. My love for them just shows!

I really have dark eyebrows and I recently dyed my hair blond so black eyebrows look silly. Through using the fashion brow in dark brown, I can lighten up my eyebrows so it would match my hair and complexion nicely. It's also perfect to use with the brow and nose palette to achieve a perfectly framed face.

I love using mascara and it's the first thing I've perfected doing. I hate clumps and unnatural-looking lashes which do not happen with Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara. Also, it's very affordable at PHP150 so you know it's a steal.

I'm supposed to buy the Maybelline Gel Liner but instead settled on Loreal Gel Intenza 36H Eye Liner since its cheaper and discounted and looks a lot more high-end with its glass jar compared to the Maybelline Gel Liner in plastic.

I have been eyeing Carmex lip balms ever since so when I figured out Beauty Mnl carries them, I lost control and grabbed a stick. It smells and feels good on my lips, what other bloggers raved about. Now, I can tell why every body's gushing about this little thing here.

When I made my very first purchase at Beauty Mnl, their freebie includes this Lancome Genifique in 5 ml. I am yet to figure out what's the use of this small yet promising product.

So yeah, that's all for my haul! Stay tune for future full reviews about each product! Happy blogging!


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