Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Review | Skin Temptations Grapeseed Oil

This year, I've been active with my Instagram account. From there, I was introduced to a lot of IG shops that formulate and sell what they claim as products that are naturally-made and are all organic. I got rocked and eventually vowed to let go of commercial products that actually did me no good and switch to organics vehemently.

Weeks ago, Miss Joy of Skin Temptations sent me a soap, berry cream and a bottle of Grape seed oil. I was really glad as they are all organic so it would be great to be able to try them. I got really excited as it would be my first time to include an oil as part of my skin care routine. I have been enthusiastic about it that I skipped my moisturizer and subbed the oil to its spot in my regimen so as not to 'over moisturize'.

Grapeseed Oil 20ml
Bought for: Free

Anyway, before I go down to my verdict with this product, let me share to you some of my research regarding its benefits for the body.

Grape seed oil regulates oil production and is full-packed with nutrients such as Vitamin C. It's also considered as an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. It is also used to treat acne, wrinkles, dry and itchy skin, age spots, sun burns, chapped lips, hair loss, stretch marks, dandruffs and premature skin aging. Just imagine a little bottle with all those hard working components! Now, we're never curious why Grape seed oils has been frequently included in lots of cosmetics, skin care and body care products!

The formula comes in a typical cute amber glass bottle with a dropper. This makes the application easy and hygienic. It has a sticker label and the logo of the brand which can easily be removed. Should the sticker be a bit irremovable, packaging is a winner.

The oil is clear, thinner and more lightweight compared to other carrier oils like castor oil which is thick and heavy when applied on the skin. However, it's still oil that triggers oil production despite it being lightweight and can be absorbed easily by the skin. It smells okay too with a hint of grape on it.

Application: I apply it (instead of my usual moisturizer) every morning and every time I go to sleep to reap maximum results. This is a multi-functional oil so I can also apply it almost every part of my body like my face, hair, hands, and feet.

Although it's organic and has lots of nutrients in it, using this for over weeks tend to break me out. I do not blame it on the oil though as it's characterized to have low chance of clogging the pores (1/5). I have a very oily and pimple-prone skin but sometimes I also think that I have sensitive one. I used the bottle after some chemical peel and maybe this isn't great for maintenance since all my pimples came back. May hiyang factor just got lost somewhere after peel so maybe my skin needed some time to cope with in time before I use another product.

Although this product caused me to breakout, there are still this 85% of my body that needs grape seed oil badly. This is good for the hair if you want to get rid of dry and frizzy waves. I also use it on my hands and feet until now and they were never this smooth and soft before. It helps relieves stress and pressure from a day of hard work and moisturize all my parched pelts too. Aside from that, I include it on my DIY's like facial masks and scrubs and it works really amazing.

VERDICT: This is a product that is worth your every penny. Try it and see why beauty bunnies love Grape seed oils and why it's actually one of the best oils for the skin! I highly recommend it to girls and guys out there who have been suffering from skin dryness.

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Product was sent by Ate Joy of Skin Temptations. Nonetheless, reviews are all mine and is true without bias.

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