Monday, December 7, 2015

Review | Sooper Beaute Pimple Away Solution

There was never a time when my pimples fail to appear on the surface of my skin. No matter what I do, no matter what products I use or how I change my skin care routine, they just keep on coming back. They never get tired and I am.

One of the products I got on my Sooper Beaute Mini Loot is this Pimple Away Solution.

Sooper Beaute Pimple Away Solution (PHP250)(PHP75)

I've bought this bottle while it's on 70% off in their SM Manila kiosk.

The packaging is just fine, no leaking of the product even when placed upside down. It also has 60ml of the product inside so it can lasts you up to two-three months depending on the amount that you put on your skin.

There's complete information about their accounts so you'll know where to ask queries. However, the ingredients list isn't presented at all so you won't know what it's made of, neither some directions for use. All that you'll know is that it has some lemon extract known to lighten skin and prevent acne-formation.

There's also an expiration date sticker on the bottom. Just be careful not to remove the sticker so you'll know when it's time to throw this out.

For the application, it is advisable to use every night together with their Pimple Away Soap, Day and Night Cream to see visible results.I asked Ate Anna (saleslady at their SM Manila kiosk) about this so that's how I knew.

Do you know Maxipeel? For me, this solution performs just like that (without the lightening part though). It causes your skin to peel to reveal your fresher skin underneath. It comes in transparent form, smells like typical solutions, so there's nothing much to say.

This product caused me to peel but using their soap, day and night cream just tortured my skin big time and eventually, the sting became intolerable so I stopped using. There's no significant lightening though but I noticed that I got lesser pimples on my days of using it. The only trouble it gave me was the pain and that's it. Once my skin recovered, I may still use it and give it another chance.

So yeah...tried using it? Share it here with me!

By the way, Sooper Beaute's products still at 70% off so start hoarding now!

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