Sunday, December 6, 2015

Review | Sooper Beaute Underarm Brightener and Spray

I honestly been wanting to post my review about this underarm duo weeks ago but I want to be fair and give these products some justice first before I tell you what my experiences are with them. First, I got these two from Sooper Beaute Kiosk at SM Manila when they were having 70% discount for all of their products. Originally, one retails for PHP250 but I got them for only PHP75/ea. Anyway, keep on reading if you want to know more about them.


Sooper Beaute Underarm Brightener 15g (PHP250)(PHP75)

These underarm brightener promises to smoothen chicken skin, whiten and gently exfoliates underarms with papaya and chamomile extracts, alpha arbutin and citric acid.

It is also advisable to use at night or alternately with their Bleaching Compound.

Just like other Sooper Beaute products, their containers are too big for the amount (15g) but anyway, it's sturdy enough and not fragile, so storing has no problems at all.

It also has the expiration date below to know when it's ready to throw out. However, there was no direction for use or complete ingredients list so you may never know what's in it for your underarms.

The consistency's comparable to that of a whip cream and is thick and creamy. It smells nice as well without a whiff of alcohol. A little goes a long way so a small tub could definitely last you up to two months or three at most.

Verdict: Sad to say, this is one product of theirs that did not meet my expectations. I am really glad that I got it for only PHP75 or I'll forever hate myself for buying it at PHP250. Although it makes my skin soft and smooth, I don't think it ever did anything to chicken skin and uneven skin tone--the problem we always have, girls. Actually, I don't really think it ever did anything to my pits though. Definitely, I'm not getting my hands into it again for like...forever.

Sooper Beaute Underarm Brightener Anti-Perspirant Spray  (PHP250)(PHP75)
This promises to brighten the skin, smoothen and reduces chicken skin, soothes and even out skin tone with papaya and chamomile extracts and alpha arbutin.

I apply it every morning after shower. I love how easy it is to apply this product--one to two spritz for each underarm are enough. It has a transparent, watery-like texture that dries quickly without the greasy feel. It also does not make your light shirts turn yellowish over time.

As you can see, it comes in a spritz bottle--both an advantage and drawback. It's nice since application is easy as pressing the nuzzle yet droplets would tend to go anywhere. I once spray it to the side of my face. Lucky me! >:(

You can also guarantee that it's free from harmful chemicals like parabens.

Verdict: This is a good deo spray. It's convenient to use and is travel-friendly given its size. This will not annoy you since it won't leave you feeling sticky unlike other roll-ons do. It's as if like you didn't put anything on your underarms once it dries out (in seconds after application). However, just like their underarm brightener, even though I used them both for over a month now, I do not see any significant lightening on my underarms. There are still uneven portions and chicken skin.

People may think Sooper Beaute is my favorite brand of organic skin care, but my reviews are all pure and honest without any bias. So yeah, have you tried this duo? You can share it here with me and let's talk about it!

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