Thursday, December 31, 2015

Why I'm Grateful for 2015

Allow me to greet you a happy new year and may your 2016 be another year of abundance and prosperity!!!

This year has been very memorable to me since lots of unforeseen things took place in 2015. It was a year full of indelible experiences and beautiful memories that I will forever cherish. It is, indeed, true--that time flies so swiftly. An hour from now, we, I, am going to face a brand new year--another year to spawn lots of fantastic adventures with the people that I love and care the most. It serves as another year to hope and dream and a great opportunity to live life to the fullest.

But before I end this year with a grateful heart and welcome 2016 with open arms, let me just share to you some of the things that I love and am going to look back for this year.

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My blog. It was at the first month of 2015 when I started to update this blog where I share most of my stories, successes, opinions, impressions and everything under the sun through my little virtual diary. I could not contain my emotions upon successfully posting my very first blog post up to my most recent one and know that there were some silent and active readers who have been reached by it and who have unmistakably showed support by commenting and adding traffic to my blog. For 2016, I promise to continue what I love to do without hindrances and allow other people (and bloggers) to inspire me more in what I do. Pursuing this dream of mine, to inspire others too through this blog and for my voice to reach thousands of people out there, was indebted to Robert Frost who once has said, "Don't aim for success if you want it, just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally."

My first ever sponsors. It was at this year when my first ever sponsor, contacted me via e-mail asking me to collaborate with them through posting blogs showcasing their beautifully cut dresses of different styles from formal to basics. Thank you to them, I was able to access my Paypal. Lol. My second sponsor here was the Skin Temptations where they send me soap, cream and oil to add up to my line for reviews. Thanks, guys! I was able to exercise my giving of opinions about a topic.

My winning in different contests. It was at this year when I was encouraged by some people to join online contests. My first ever win was with the Chic Centre where I was supposed to receive a Limited Edition Kathryn Bernardo Planner with 500 Gift Certificate to be used at Robinson's Supermarket. I wasn't able to claim my prize as the place is real far from mine. How sad was I thinking that I missed my first ever prizes. Huhu!

The second one is the photo contest conducted by iWhite Korea last August, (I think?) where the mechanics said that participants must take selfies holding iWhite Korea products and caption it with some rainy weather skin tips. The lucky me got really rocked when the I received the package in the mail saying it was from iWhite family! I swear I did not ever know I won that contest!

The third one was the Caronia Video Contest where participants must add up an ending to their video with their newest ambassador. Thanks to those people who liked my comment, I was chosen as one of the winners to receive a special Caronia gift pack! Inside were foot spa sets, some awesome nail polishes, highlighter, and more freebies!

Another contest that I won is the Etude House x Boulangerie22 Cake Giveaway for Christmas. I was really lucky I was the first winner to receive a Holiday Santa Chocolate Crunch Cake! Prizes should be claimed in only four of their branches here in the Philippines and thank heavens, there was this one branch in TM Kalaw x Roxas Boulevard which is just near my school so I easily spotted the cake shop and got mine!

And just yesterday, I received a comment from Manila Sundance Bazaar that I won a 500GC from basicneedsmnl for their upcoming event this coming January 15-17 at the World Trade Center, Pasay! I can't wait to shop, eat and have fun!

My GWA. Last semester was, I can say, the semester where I exerted lots of effort. That was the semester full of sleepless nights and late night meetings with my block and group mates. Thankfully, all the efforts and hard work paid off, I got my highest GWA in all my college years! It was a start for me to aim for higher grades the following semesters as I know that this will help me in my future career.

My new pet. It was a family's, of course. His name was Borgy and he was a Lassa Apso dog. He was really cute and so adorable. It was my first time overcoming my fears of dogs and pangs that I, now, can carry him and even feed him through my hands which, by the way, the first thing I promised myself to never do in all my entire life! Thank God, He had given us Borgy, another reason to bond with my family (when we're playing with Borgy).

My family and my friends. The greatest gift that I could ever receive from Him is my family and friends. No one probably knows how I always pray for the ones that I love each day for Him to give them the guidance and life they always deserve. I pray for no more than a healthy and abundant life for them. I thank my friends too for supporting me in every way they can especially in all my blogging activities. Thank you, guys, for keeping me company in the talk of beauties, makeup and anything in between.

If you, in any instance, drop by and read this, here's some tips which you can easily master to start and end the 2016 with a sweet smile.

Live your life to the fullest. You may heard it a million times, but really, it's the best that you can do to enjoy your life. Just do what you want and don't mind what others think. Say what you want and don't hold anything back. You'll be surprised how fast and swift you'll forget your problems. Dress and beautify as if it's your life.

Follow your heart. You'll never receive satisfaction and happiness if you don't, by the way. Always, remember that joys can be found in the heart!

Spend time with your loved ones. This could be the easiest and the hardest tip. You can't just live your life to the fullest without your family, your friends or special friend if there is. So when there's plenty of time, spend it with them!

Have some me-time and evaluate. Think of all the blessings that surrounds you and you might be surprised how uncountable and rare they are. Don't forget the One who has given you all the joy and happiness there is in your heart.

And lastly, share your happiness! It could be viral, you know. There are plenty of ways on how you can infect someone with a smile. Don't count how many people to share with nor identify who they are, just give it and allow it to boost happiness in your heart!

Don't forget to start the year with a bang! I start from blogging. How would you? :)


Photo taken by: Jazelle Rante
Photo taken in: Herald Suite Solana

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Shoes: So Fab
Watch: Geneva

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