Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hair dyeing made more fun by Novellina!

Who's looking forward to getting a new hair color for this new year? I do!!! *clap clap

But the saddest thing about dyeing my hair right now is that I had my hair dyed last November (just a couple months ago!). Meaning, I should not get another dyeing session for the next few months or else I will have my hair damaged. Yeah, right, prevention is better than cure. Nobody told me when should I dye my hair next, but given the fact that it can cause dryness and coarseness, oh boy, just thinking about it makes me say no when it has been a blessing to have an 'OK' hair, meaning I have already received few compliments about its look.

However, there are really times when I can't help but get naughty that I color my hair again when I notice my original hair color starts to appear from the top. Ombre does not look good that way especially when it looks uneven, right? 

Anyway, I think the culprit for dryness that you can get with hair dyeing is pointed to the harmful chemicals there are on commercial hair dyes. Good thing, I have found Novellina Hair Colors that are free of dreaded ammonia, hydrogen peroxide (known for bleaching) and has conditioning agents and Japanese 3D formula.

Not just that, because they send me samples of their products for me to use to my hair! Thanks for being so generous, guys!

They sent me seven boxes to try. Believe me, I' tempted to use all of these but my inner instinct won't approve. Anyhow, these boxes would be a cheaper alternative to salon visits for, uhm, say, years? Good things a box expires after five years from the manufacturing date!

The hair dyes that Novellina sent me are in the shades of Golden Brown, Brown, Chestnut Brown and Black. I think I'll be sporting black hair in a few months and give the other browns to my friends so we can have some fun dyeing sessions! My family could even use some and there would still shades left for me! My friends are already thanking you, guys for your generosity!

This one is in the shade of brown and has six sachets inside. One mane could use two-three sachets per session, I guess? Depends on the thickness and length of the hair.

This one is in brown too. I love that it has these bottles, it made me think like I'm gonna have salon-level dyeing.

This is the smallest box and has this cute amber glass with powder hair color inside. I don't think I will ever use the applicator though as it's very small for our hair but I'm keeping it so when my brothers think of dyeing their hair, they could have it. Lol.

These boxes are in shade of brown and the other one is in black. One box has two sachets inside and a bottle to mix everything in. I love how Novellina created this in different shades, catering to every girl's color preference, thus making hair compliment any outfits, complexion and features!

These two big boxes are in the shades of Golden Brown. All the products seen in the flat lay were contained in one box, meaning a box has all of these as contents! It looks like it's for professional hair coloring so I'm really excited to try this one out!

If you read my previous posts, I have used a Novellina Hair Color before in the shade dark brown. The sachet was but so small yet enough to color my entire mane although I don't like the shade that it has given me because my hair turned a shade darker that's because my hair is dark in the first place. But that's how Novellina Hair Color works, concealing your crowns of glory and giving you a newly perfect colored hair! Can't wait to dye my hair! I'll be updating soon about this products!

The products were manufactured by Novellina Cosmetics and is imported and distributed by Tritan Ventures Inc.

Tritan Ventures, Inc. was incorporated in 1994 as YHK Company, Inc. as a trading company primarily interested in the production and / or distribution of cosmetic products for both the local and export markets. It then spent the next few years in pre-operational mode, developing its products and its market.

Disclaimer: Products were sent by Novellina Cosmetics for reviews.

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