Saturday, January 23, 2016

Minimalist Skin Care Routine for January

Clear and healthy skin is an evident result of having good skin care. We have different options [available in the market] as to which products should we include in our everyday routine to keep our visage in its best look. The most important thing is that, we must choose well what products are best to keep and throw away at the same time when it does you no good.

The past few months had been a torture to my skin since I have undergone chemical peel and such just to get rid of my pimple marks. Little did I know that results were not actually permanent. So I got tired of promises and decided to turn my too many face products down to only four, keeping everything extremely simple.
So yeah, if you wanna know, here's what I use for my face everyday!

The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam in Acerola 
Price: PHP265
Bought from: The Face Shop, SM Manila
Application: Day and Night

Choosing the right cleanser, for me, is the most important step in taking care of the skin. As much as possible, I prefer using cleansers that cause me no breakout and does well in removing any makeup residue. I could, in fact, skip scrubbing and moisturizing given the right cleanser for my oily skin.

St. Ives Pink Lemon and Mandarin Orange Scrub
Price: PHP204
Bought from: Watsons, SM Manila
Application: Night

As of the moment, St. Ives have the most special place in my heart. Not just it makes me feel like my face is squealy clean, it also made me forget about toning. Yes, I know toning is the second step in good skin care, but what does toners do? For me, they just 'extra' clean the pores. What do I need toners for when I have St. Ives Scrubs?

Sooper Beaute Tomato Serum
Price: PHP250
Bought from: Sooper Beaute, SM Manila
Application: Day and Night

You definitely cannot imagine how oily my skin gets after minutes. I always wonder if my sebum production is ever normal (lol) or if they ever get tired of producing too much oils. I guess I can't do anything about my genes but to stay away from oil-based moisturizers. That's why I prefer serums. Aside from not leaving my skin feeling greasy, in a way, I am keeping my skin moisturized. REMEMBER, OILY SKIN NEEDS TO BE MOISTURIZED TOO.

Sooper Beaute Tinte BB Cream in Fair
Price: PHP250
Bought from: Sooper Beaute, SM Manila
Application: Day

This step is almost part of my everyday make up, but still I included this product here. This is because this BB Cream of Sooper Beaute is like an tinted moisturizer slash base makeup. When I don't want to look too made up, this will already do the trick. I could, in fact, go out and use only this four products on my face.

So that's everything for my skin care routine! Because of them, I am proud to say that I am breakout-free for a month without spending huge! What about yours? How do you keep your skin healthy this year?


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