Saturday, January 9, 2016

Miracles in a Jar of Petroleum Jelly!

If you notice, the title in my blog post is not the usual 'Review | Name of the featured product' since I am not really sure if this is a product that needed some review. After all, we are all familiar with petroleum jellies, right? In my case, my mother's the ultimate fan of this product even before I was born. Lol. I can tell it since she always use petroleum jellies on my younger brother from where he was an infant up to these days. Woot! I can also tell that if there's one thing that should NEVER ran out of our vanity shelves, that's, by the way, a jar of Petroleum Jelly.

Anyway, without further ado, let's move on to the miracles these amazing product has offered me for a decade and nine!

Where do I use Petroleum Jelly?

On my eyebrows and eyelashes. I used to apply petroleum jelly on my eyebrows and eyelashes every time I sleep because it is said to help in keeping eyebrows fuller and help eyelashes grow longer and thicker. I must say that it is really effective because during months of use, I noticed that my eyelashes became really thick. I don’t know if it’s just an assumption but yeah, it has gotten really thicker that even my friends said it.

On my lips. Up until now, I always use petroleum jelly for my lips every time I sleep and it just did wonders! Every time I wake up, I notice that my lips are softer and smoother and well-moisturized. Whenever there’s skin waiting to be peeled (which causes bleeding in my case), I apply just a small amount of jelly and it would instantly soothe my lips.
I also do some DIY lip scrubs and include petroleum jelly on it for instant moisture. In fact, I prefer to use it more than any lip balms! Ask my friends, and they would tell you!

On my hands and feet. My mom told me one hack to keep my feet soft and smooth and that is by using petroleum jelly! You can do it my applying a generous amount of the formula on your soles then cover them with socks. Leave it overnight and see how soft and smooth your feet has become the next day! Aside from petroleum jelly, you can add some oils too for extra hydration and cell repair!

I never bring lotions to school even when I wanted to. Why? Because the bottles of lotion in our house just won’t fit my bag or are too heavy, you know. To save space, I just bring my miracle jar wherever I go and it would be my go-to hand cream, lip balm and moisturizer, all in one!

On dry patches and parched pelts. Due to the thickness in consistency of petroleum jellies, a little would go a long way in moisturizing all your parched pelts already. It provides an all day moisture and would leave your skin looking healthy and polished.

On rashes, itchy skin and minor scratches. My mom was the one who taught me that petroleum jellies could also be applied to rashes, itchy skin and minor scratches. She used this whenever my then younger brother (when he was still a baby) got some rashes and they would be healed. I didn’t even know how that happened.

On my cuticles. Having brittle nails that always break so you never maintain a Kardashian sort of nails? Well, that’s because of the dryness caused by constant nail painting (and a lot more possible reason)! Believe me, I know it because I used to have this dilemma back then. I don’t grow my nails any more these days, but I don’t get brittle nails anymore that’s because I use petroleum jellies as my cuticle moisturizer.

One small tub, lots of uses! So yeah, that’s how I use petroleum jellies for my body! But did you know that I also use this jar when polishing shoes and bags (I’m serious!)? Anyway, hope this article helps! Happy blogging!


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