Saturday, January 23, 2016

#MSBKickStreet Bazaar Experience

I know it's late already, but have you been in a situation when something came up on your mind and you feel like you have to do something important and need to do it right away? You had? Oh my, me too! Just right now. That's why I am a bit in a hurry typing this blog post out because I feel like this first time of mine jumping on a bazaar is worth blogging about lol. I know you're not asking, but I'm sharing it still anyway.

Look, we never forgot to take photos!

It was actually long-decided that we'll be butting on along with other shoppers in the Manila Sundance Bazaar this January 17 at World Trade Center. Since we do not have class every Friday (thank goodness!), we took this day for our mini adventure even though there's unbelievably workloads that needed to be accomplished. We have proven that shopping is a stress-reliever and budget is not really a problem!

So...we arrived at the fair at 2:00PM. We planned to get earlier but time won't allow (if you know what I mean). We asked for which hall the bazaar's happening and we were directed to Hall...uhmm...I forgot. Sorry!

Let the photos speaks for itself. Lol, I seriously had much fun most especially when I see some of my favorite shops on IG like basicneedsmnl, lipstickallucan and kikayneedsoverload. Honestly, most of our bazaar picks were bought from them! But Nikki (second), I guess, had the most fun! She's a hoarder.

Look at me shopping!!! Hoho, I never bought anything I'm holding. Lol.

The shirt I'm holding can't get out of my mind until now but I had to resist myself from spending more. I got to be chintzy at the moment even though these shops sells dirt cheap yet good quality clothings. I bet it's perfect for casual lazy days. Huhu.

Scroll down for some of my purchases!

So, you see, I even got a t-shirt as a freebie for installing OLX App! They also have umbrella, fan and eco bags to be given away to installers like us!

Jonica and I bought drawstring bags. I got the leather one in black which retails for PHP400 but got for free because I have a PHP500 coupon which I won on their last giveaway. Thanks basicneedsmnl!

The kimono which I was wearing on our trip to Antipolo was bought from kikayneedsoverload! I have been eyeing this for a while and when I figured out it's just for PHP150, then I grab it on whim already.

Aside from the bag and kimono, I got myself an eyelash glue from...uhm...I forgot the name of the shop too! Huhu! Anyway, that will be perfect for my make up 'studies'.

Since our bank broke from shopping, we went to KFC, MOA to eat. Gravy's all my body needs that time. Lol.

Anyway, one pass cost PHP100, not bad.

All in all, it was a day to remember! I was just disappointed with the live concert and free drinks which they said to be included in the bazaar, but, where were they exactly? Oh, maybe not on the first day, huh.

Heard Trendsetter's Bazaar will be coming up next on February with more shops and fun stuff! Can I get more excited??? Wipee!!! Who's looking forward? Me!!!

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