Friday, January 1, 2016

My 2016 Resolution!

So it's officially 2016! A new year for me, for everyone to enjoy and have a blast! I want this year to be better than 2015 so I am going to challenge myself if I can be able to accomplish what I've written in my 2016 Resolution!

Out of new year's tradition, I am going to try this resolution thing-y--this time, I am going to believe in myself that I can do it even if it would be the first time ever that I would create my list. 2015, being the best year for me (by far), has led me to be more enthusiastic about beating the previous year with my 2016 Resolution. May all the heavens bless me in this endeavor. Lol.

Selfie, selfie!

Resolution # 1. Over a hundred and fifty blog posts for 2016. I have successfully created over a hundred for 2015 so why not take it up a notch this time! I needed to be more active and consistent after all there are lots of products waiting to be reviewed!!!

Resolution #2. Be more productive. I used to think that most of my days the previous years were productive since there were almost no no-do time. But when I think about it, engaging myself in social media has consumed me lots of wasted time! So this year, I am going to limit my internet-consumption (except blogging), avoid procrastination and spend time wisely!

Resolution #3. Save more. If there is ever one thing I am always guilty about, it is my being an impulsive buyer even though MOST of the things that I buy were not even things that I needed. Tendency is, I had to throw them out. UNUSED. So this year, I have to promise that I will only buy things that I am going to use and buy things that I may use someday. ;)))

Resolution #4 But invest still on makeup. I dreamed to have a whole arsenal of lipsticks and other cosmetics and just realized it this year. So for 2016, I am going to collect make ups!!!

Resolution #5. Finish what I have started. There is this attitude that I have to leave things undone just because I am tired of doing them and can't work any longer. For example: I have a Wattpad account, I've been writing novels there since I was in high school. There was this third book from my sequel and it turned out being updated after almost a year! And until now, I haven't yet finished the third installment. To make up for my readers, I AM DEFINITELY FINISHING SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION THIS YEAR.

Resolution #6.. Introduce myself to organic skin care. I think I am already here. Currently in my updated skin care routine, most of the products are organic. It's my way of taking good care of my skin as early as this time to avoid premature aging and such. Hoho!

Resolution #7. Widened dedication to studies. I already have mentioned in my previous blog post that last semester had been the semester where I got my highest GWA ever. I want to continue having good grades for 2016 so I promise to work harder this year. Excited for my OJT too, I promise to be more responsible from now on!

Resolution #8. A trim-less hair. It's probably the most nonsensical resolution ever but I wanted my long hair back!

So yeah, that's my new year resolutions, what's yours? :)


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