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Review | Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

One of the drugstore products that I included in my loot the last time I shopped for myself last Christmas was the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation.

It is not something new or something that all beauty and makeup bloggers out there should yet to try out because I am pretty sure most of them got their hands on it quite a long time already, but the foundation itself is really amazing that I think I should share my own experience while using it. I don’t think it would make any more difference, but yeah, here goes nothing.

I bought mine at their kiosk inside SM Store Manila for only PHP250, at least a 50% off discount slashed from the original price. I’ve been eyeing it for quite some time until Maybelline products got on sale last December. With that, I bought mine out of whim! I got the shade Nude (Light 04), the lightest shade, according to the saleslady.

It is somehow a good thing that the packaging comes in a heavy glass pot that looks real high-end. However, some might not approve of it since it is obviously not travel-friendly and is bulky for pouches given the small amount of product (18g).

Actually, the whole packaging is mostly glass, hence quite deceiving so better check it out first so you will not get surprised as when you open the jar, you’ll only see that it has small amount of product on it. Another thing that you might find off-putting is that since it comes in a jar, you’ll always have to dip your icky fingers on it, making it a little unhygienic and prone to dust and dirt. You might want to dip clean hands on it and close it as soon as you’re finished!

It is also formulated with parabens and if you're very particular about it, you might not likely purchase this.

I’ve use Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Foundation, and I liked the Matte Mousse better probably because this is best for oily skin. It has a whipped texture of course that glides easily on my face without the greasy after-feel. It’unbelievably lightweight and does not leave my skin looking dewy and oily, just the way I like it! In fact, it sets to a light powdery semi-matte finish. However, given that it’s a matte mousse, it does not leave my skin looking like flat matte (which I would not really want) and it is not just enough to control my oils. Without powder, my skin turns oily easily after at least 30 minutes! That’s just how oily I am. For that, blotting papers and retouch are a must.

If you have dry skin, you might not like this too as it can exaggerates dry patches on your skin so exfoliation and moisturizing prior to applying the foundation is a must. However, if you have oily skin, skip the step and proceed to blending!

I think the shade is just right for my face, enough to cover minor blemishes. I’d say this foundation has a light to medium coverage only and won’t crease (even when you put your final powder) especially on the folds on your face unlike their liquid foundation.

It has a slightly peach undertone to it, so it might not suit most Asian skin. I believe that I should use foundations with yellow undertone because even though I have fair skin, there’s some slight yellow tone to it. This is why I’m a bit hesitant to get this at first, but the saleslady said it’s just the perfect shade for me. I even compared my friend’s shade (she got the medium in light beige) to mine and she said, “Iba po kasi kayo ng kulay ma’am. Kailangan niya po yung may yellow undertone.”

Longevity wise, this product stays on my face for a good 4-5 hours (with final powder) but lasts for only 2-3 hours when left alone. I think my uber oily skin just wash it all off. Huhu. And with that saying, the product easily transfers to tissues or clothes every time I try to remove oils from my face. So be careful and just dab gently.

Anyway, for the application, I only use my fingers. In that way, I can be rest assured that all contents are used (unlike with brush or sponge). Actually, use of both tools are not really ideal or is it just me?

Overall, this product is a good one since it did not cause me to breakout for two weeks of use. And yey, I found something to keep and look back every time I’m in search of a dependable matte mousse foundation!

What I like?
-semi-matte finish
-does not break me out and is non-comdogenic (won't block pores)
-stays for hours (4-5 hours)
-ingredients are listed
-looks high-end
-has a very mild scent
-won't cake
-very lightweight
-affordable (when it's on sale :P)
-has lots of shades available
-ideal for normal-oily type of skin

What I don’t like?
-has a peach undertone
-bulky and heavy
-formulated with parabens (ethyl, methyl, isobutyl, propyl, butyl)
-accentuates dry areas

So girls, have you tried it? Share your thoughts here with me! Happy blogging!


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