Monday, January 18, 2016

My Take On The Hydrating Personal Care Creamy Petroleum Jelly

My mom once said that we have the same shape of hands, hence the same texture: dry. So when she went to the Cash N Carry near her working place, she bought herself a hand cream which I liked. The key word is liked. Whoops! It instantly has become my holy grail! So guess what? She let me have it, saying that she will just buy one for herself again. For that, thanks mother!


Personal Care Cream Petroleum Jelly (128g) 

I really love the packaging. I mean I love products that are in squeezable tubes like this because it makes dispensing easy-breezy. Plus, you can always control the amount that you want to use, depends on how moisturized you want your skin to be.

The tube has lots of products on it (128g) and given the fact that I only apply it on my palms and soles (the driest part of my body), this would surely last me for months. I also think it’s travel-friendly, one which you can bring anywhere. In fact, I bring it wherever I go since I love washing my hands every so often (which is a habit of mine) and apply the cream afterwards.

I have been an avid user of petroleum jellies ever since when talking about moisturizing factor, so this product got me eyeing on it. Infused with Vitamin E, this would surely keep every skin healthy, soft and smooth.

It has not been indicated whether it should be used specifically on any part of the body so I believe it is really ideal for the body. However, let’s exclude the face as the product is really thick and when I say thick, I really think that it’s extremely thick for face use.

It has a light feathery whipped texture that dries fast when applied on the skin and would somehow leave it feeling greasy which I personally prefer for my hands.

The formula is really creamy that a small amount would go a long way, a pea-sized amount already is sufficient for both my hands and feet.

It smells nice too. It won’t bother whether you are very particular with the scents of products or not.

All in all, this is a great product! I usually use oil to moisturize my hands and feet but I find this one doing a better job, so I give it a perfect five! You can but it on Cash N Carry stores at around PHP200-PHP250. Or you can order online in Lazada! Until next! Happy blogging!


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