Monday, January 18, 2016

Review | Sooper Beaute Cell Renewal Cream (for the body)

Guess, I am such a hoarder of products that has their expertise in exfoliating all the dead skin cells in any part of the body. To prove it, I bought the Sooper Beaute Cell Renewal Cream last month, the one intended for underarms and intimate parts of the body use rather than face.

Sooper Beaute Cell Renewal Cream 20ml (PHP250)

I bought this product on their SM Manila branch for only PHP75 since that time, it was on sale though the original price is PHP250. Not bad, huh. So it comes in a pump bottle, allowing you to control the amount of product to be dispensed out of. Also, being in a pump bottle is uber hygienic.

According to Sooper Beaute, this can be used to exfoliate skin on the underarms and other intimate parts to achieve clearer, whiter, softer and smoother skin with peeling effects.

You might confuse this Cell Renewal Cream (for the body) from the other Cell Renewal Cream of Sooper Beaute. The other variant comes in a circular small tub with 10g of content and is ONLY intended for face use. The face cream is actually thicker in consistency compared to this with a serum-like viscosity.

So you can see that it's almost clear in color. The amount showed above is the amount which I put on my underarms. A little goes a long way so ONE PUMP per underarm is enough. It takes time to dry but leaves no greasy after-feel. Upon using it for a month or so, I noticed that hair growth became slower, thus, you don't need to shave or pluck often.

I notice the peeling effect after at least a week or less. I just noticed it when I applied my Sooper Beaute Underarm Brightener and Spray, used my fingers to spread it evenly, then noticed that there are dead skin cells starting to get removed from my pit. Whoa. Then, after that, a clearer and more even-toned skin is what you are going to see! You'll notice that your underarms are a lot softer with lesser bumps. However, you might want to pay more attention to darker folds as your skin might not peel equally, therefore resulting to uneven skin tone.

You can apply it once a day (every night) and use their anti-perspirant in the morning to achieve maximum results. During use, I did not experience any stingy or tingling sensation on my skin so this must be really formulated with mild ingredients.

This is a perfect maintenance product to those who have already achieved having fair underarms and a good product to try out for those girls out there who wanted to have lighter skin without the sting.

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