Sunday, January 10, 2016

Review | Sooper Beaute Kojic Papaya Soap

I have used tons of whitening products in my whole life. Back when I was in grade school, using my mom’s soap has been a sneaky habit of mine. Who wouldn’t? We all wanted to get fairer and lighter skin, don’t we?

Yeah, I used to dream of having Korean-like skin—all dewy, fair and spotless effortlessly. Thinking that I will achieve this, I ‘stopped’ by almost every whitening soap available in the market just to know what’s worth raving about them. This journey to finding the best Kojic soap is unstoppable, almost impossible. And for that, I must try Sooper Beaute Kojic Papaya Soap!

You can purchase it for only PHP in every Sooper Beaute branches nationwide. They have up to 70% off on their products so this is just PHP19 for a 90g of product.

Just like other Kojic and Papaya-infused soaps, it also comes in a deep orange shade and smells almost the same. Being a product of an organic brand and free from harmful chemicals, this is something that is worth a shot. It has Glycerin, Papaya Extract, Kojic Acid, Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin E that all do wonders to achieve healthy and lighter skin.

I cut mine into four because I find it more practical and saving this way. I hate to see my soap melts!
In my case, a bar would already last me for at least 3-4 weeks. Unlike other Kojic Soaps, which when use frequently would turn shades lighter, this bar would stay as it is for the rest of time or until it’s all used up. This, I think, constitutes to how concentrated every bar is. However, just like other Kojic Soaps, it melts sooooo easily.

I love how it lathers so much and how it would clean my face and body without leaving it dry. There’s no micro-peeling too which I experienced with other Kojic soaps so this must be mild despite it having Kojic Acid. For the lightening, I can’t say much as I use a lightening lotion and scrub together with this soap and THERE’S NO SIGNIFICANT LIGHTENING EFFECT YET. However, it does leave skin bright and radiant after every use! It also lightens minor blemishes on my cheek area from pimples, one of the things I really love about it!

What I love?
-fades minor blemishes
-no harmful chemicals

What I don’t love?
-easily melts

Kojic Soaps never break me out so I could use them for, like, forever.

For more information, you can visit them on their Instagram page. You can also order online and they now accept credit card payments! ‘Til my next blog post!



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