Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Review | Vitress Hair Polish and Cuticle Coat

I'm kinda bit stuck with paper works these days because of midterms and deadlines. However, my heart tells me to come and visit my blog for a few moments I am!

I will be reviewing products again, but this time, I 'll be talking about hair products, a whole lot different from my usual skincare-related buzz. Without further I do, I'm gonna spill the beans now about Vitress Hair Polish and Cuticle Coat!

If I am to give comparisons between the two, aside from their name and packaging, they differ mostly in consistency and texture (of course, what am I talking about). The cuticle coat (first) I think is more recommendable to those with frizzy coarse and dry but curly hair since it's more moisturizing and curly hair oils slower. While the other one is better for straight hair individuals since it could give more volume (the other one tend to flatten my hair) to my mane.

But this is just my case. You can use any of the two depends on your preference but since I don't like my hair weighed down, I don't use the cuticle coat as frequent as I do with the other one which does not feel heavy on my hair.

Vitress Hair Polish
 P31 for 50ml, P50 for 100ml
Bought from: Mercury Drug Store

The packaging of the hair polish is very convenient and easy to use since it requires you to just squeeze the tube and the formula would go out easily plus you can control the amount to which you want to apply on your hair. A pea-sized is enough for my medium-length hair. But if you need more moisture for your hair, add some more!

Vitress Hair Solutions Hair Cuticle Coat in 50ml
Price: P38 for 15ml, P60 for 30ml, P87 for 50ml
Bought from: Mercury Drug Store
For extra shiny and silky smooth hair

This however is a little hard to squeeze since the plastic is kind of hard and is sturdy, hence, still travel-friendly. You might just want to tap it lightly on your palm because the consistency of the cuticle coat is much more runny than the hair polish variant, but thicker in texture.

Both smells nice to me so I cannot comment which smells better. Uhm...yeah, I really don't know. But just like what I have said, I use the cuticle coat during cold days when my hair is drier because it is more moisturizing (for me) and during heat season, if I applied it on my hair even in small amount, my hair would just easily develop oil slick. So what I usually do is just dispense a drop size on my palm and spread it through my ends upward. This way, my scalp won't get oily that much.

I really don't know why it's named cuticle coat, when for me it's more of a hair polish. Uhhh??? Yes, this one makes my hair shinier so give the credit to where credit is due.

This variant help me achieve my smoothest and softest hair in seconds with its lingering fragrance that stays long!

I do not know which variant is better but all I can say is that they both provide solutions to my dry hair which became damaged due to frequent hair dyeing. However, I am blessed with an OK hair naman (which I seldom iron or blow-dry) to begin with, so I limit using this to 3-4 times a week or every other day.

So what do you think of this product which retails at an affordable price and is very effective? Share it here with me! Happy blogging!


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