Sunday, February 28, 2016

Beauty Pitch Milky Body Scrub

Here's a review on Beauty Pitch Milky Body Scrub.

Beauty Pitch Milky Body Scrub, 100g
Bought for: Free (P180)

This is one of the giveaway prizes I have received from Beauty Pitch when they conducted a contest through their IG account and I was chosen to be one of the winners. Thank you so much for letting me try this!

By the way, Beauty Pitch is one of the sellers in Instagram that produces skin care and cosmetic products with only organic and natural ingredients to make sure that what a buyer puts in her skin is nutrients-infused and is harmless.

See, I am an avid user of body scrubs and it has already become my go-to stress reliever after a humdrum day loaded with tedious works. I cannot go for a spa or massage daily so I resort to it instead to relax my tired and dull skin.

Caution: It's not really edible so keep your mouth shut, it's salty. ;)

This scrub smells heaven, at least for me though it has a pungent scent. Because milk and fruits are the top scents that provide me such kilig moments. Yup! For your reference, it smells just like this kind of milk, the one you put at the top of your..uhm..whatcha call it??? Wait, I am talking about that flavored crushed ice that would not be complete without the powdered milk on top! Ugh!!! That's my favorite but I just can't remember the name!!! Anyway, this scrub smells like that!

I even compared it to A'bonne Spa Milk Salt and this one wins over the latter! It's more yellowish in shade, smells better, produces a creamier texture when slabbed on the body, yet I find the salt more abrasive which is just neutral for me. I mean, I would not hate it just because it has thicker granules, right?

The A'bonne Spa Milk Salt smells so good and does well in sloughing of dead skin cells (that's why it's a top raved) but I did not ever think that a better milk scrub even exists.

I love how it makes my skin bright, soft and smooth every wash. It's not cream-based but it leaves my skin polished and moisturized without over-drying it. Did I say it's abrasive? Oh yeah, scrubs that are not cream-based are abrasive for my skin so I make sure to only use sufficient amount of this scrub, not too much as they easily irritate my skin.

Just a little precaution, avoid using this on open wounds as it could hell! I tried to apply it on my face (loaded with pimples) but I wasn't able to stand the pain for long so I had to rinse it off, not waiting for everything to melt. That's because it has dead sea salt.

Overall, this is a really good product. It retails for only P180 so...not bad for girls on a budget huh! I might repurchase only upon figuring out that this might be the best milk scrub in the market. Happy blogging!


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