Monday, February 1, 2016

Etude House Pink Membership Card: Finally Got One!

I know it may sound like I am over-reacting, but really, no exaggerations here, it took me so long (too long, in fact) before I got my very first Etude House Pink Membership Card.

I have always been torn between buying something and just let it go. I could consider lots of things to not get something that I want but all it takes is just one reason to reach for it. Lots of people are stuck with this kind of feeling, right, but me? I guess not. Or maybe, not all the time especially when I think I am being impractical.

Being on a tight student budget plus the need to blog about something, I should prioritize which to buy first. I am not being compensated so I get my money to splurge from my allowance. So every time I shop, I have this mini conversation between I and me asking "pasok ba to sa budget?"

Since I am on a tight budget, even though Etude House's products are a lot cheaper than high-end brands, I always think that buying their products is something that I would regret sooner or later.  But not when they are on a Buy 1, Take 1 kind of promo! Haha! Also, I admit that I think they may not be worth the price especially when I've read another blogger's post saying she does not even understand what's so special about Etude House BB Creams. Anyhow, what does not work for her may work for me naman, diba?

Anyway, my friend, Jonica, who loves her ate's Etude House BB Cream pushed me to cave in in this Buy 2 for the price of 1 even though I have lots of BB creams and foundations that are yet to try at home. Thinking that the promo won't come for the next months, I flipped and agreed to pay the other half so that we could both get out tubes.

Thing is, they retailed for P845 (am i right?), so the catch? I get to own my Pink Membership Card which you can only get if you buy products worth P500 or over in any Etude House branches nationwide. I know we both paid the exact amount so I asked her if I could keep the card and she get to keep the freebie (which you can also get for minimum purchases) which later on was used by our other friend. And yeah, she agreed!

I've always wanted to get one even before because I love collecting membership cards to keep in my wallet. But the thing that hindered me is the minimum purchase of P500. Surely, buying masks in three's or four's isn't enough. And P500, for anyone might be such a small amount but, ughh, I don't want to spend straight P500 for Etude House not until last January. Hoho!

Anyway, when I received the card, I was asked to activate it online. I was quite familiar with the activation thing since I got to come across their online website once before. So I filled up necessary information and voila, I could already use my pink membership card upon purchase to get 2% rebate (for a minimum purchase of P100) the next time I would shop products from them.

What's more? A Pink Membership Card is valid for three years upon activation!


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