Wednesday, February 17, 2016

First Impression: Beauty Pitch + Skin Care Products

Two weeks ago, I have received my giveaway prize from Beauty Pitch, one of the IG shops accustomed to producing potent products that are made from natural ingredients. By saying so, I did not even think twice whether to join their giveaway or not as I have nothing to lose but much to gain if I win as there are tons of skin care products at stake. I believe they pick winners randomly and with my luck, I was chosen as one of the victors lol.

Beauty Pitch specializes both on basic cosmetic must-haves and skin care products such as artisan soaps and scrubs, products that I am currently most interested in. So initially, I got hooked up, shamelessly stalked their profile and that was actually the reason why I find out about the giveaway, Hoho!

Anyway, being a manufacturer of organic products made them on top of my preferred skin care brands on Instagram--for me, a growing platform for IG bloggers and sellers to interact with. Kudos, Beauty Pitch! And let's not set aside the fact that they are a local brand. What a talent, indeed.

Enough talk, I'm gonna show you my prizes! OMG!

Honey Oatmeal Soap (P180)
Noni + Green Tea + Mint (P180)
Organic Cures (P180)
Pink Himalayan Salt + Milk (P180)
Pore Care Soap (P180)
  • Honey Oatmeal Soap claims to exfoliate dead skin, remove impurities, soothe skin allergies, smoothen and moisturize the skin.
  • Noni + Green Tea + Mint Soap claims to be an anti-aging , anti-pimple and has properties to relax, soothe and cleanse the skin with Noni Plant Extracts, Green Tea, Natural Rosemary Mint, Essential Oil and Vitamin E.
  • Organic Cures Soap claims to prevent acne, bacteria, reduce redness and inflammation and cleanse deep with added Kaolin Clay.
  • Pink Himalayan Salt + Milk Soap claims to detoxify, revitalize skin, exfoliate, and aids in skin allergies with its active ingredients: Pink Himalayan Salt, Organic Goat's Milk, Shea Butter, Secret Essential Oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera Extract.
  • Pore Care Soap claims to tighten pores, prevent skin aging, clear skin blemishes and regenerate the skin.
There's actually one more soap--the Snow Soap-- but it's not included in the giveaway prize. Anyway, there are six organic variants which target specific skin need and all smells great especially the Pore Care Soap and the Noni + Green Tea + Mint Soap. I guess my favorite will be the Pore Care and the Organic Cures Soaps because I am pimple-prone and has oily skin and large pores.

I am really looking forward to try everything the soonest but I still have tons to review yet.

Milky Body Scrub 100g (P180)

The Milky Body Scrub claims to scrub off dead skin cells, gives skin smoother and softer finish, whitens skin with frequent use, treat skin rashes, itchiness and skin irritations with Organic Goat's Milk, Dead Sea Salt and Oats.

I have used this once and I love how it leaves my skin softer and smoother with its yummy fragrance! Unlike other milk scrubs (without cream base) that I have used, this one is gentler.

Pure Unrefined Shea Butter (P250)

It is advisable to use for those who have multitude skin problems and can be use as a moisturizer and topical cream for wrinkles, skin asthma, eczema, diaper rash, acne, psoriasis, etc with only the raw, pure and unrefined shea butter.

I mostly use this to tame my eyebrows since I find it a little bit thick for face use and I also use this to moisturize my dry palms and feet. Anyway, credits to Ms. Juls (shopperhoarder) for the trick! I've learned from her about this secret use of Shea Butter for eyebrows!

Tinted Lip Balm in Snow White's Kiss (P170)
Red-Orange Flush (P180)

I actually love both the lip balm and the tint as they are both long-wearing! However, the only thing I find off-putting about the lip balm is its glossy finish. So what I usually do is apply then dab some tissue paper on my lips and it would already give me a natural-looking pinkish lips without the dryness.

The best thing about the Red-Orange Flush is that it's super pigmented. A little goes a long way. However, the packaging is a little uh-uh.

Anyway, that's all for today! See you in my more detailed blog reviews of each of the featured products here! Happy blogging.


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