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First Impression: Leiania House of Beauty + Skin Care Products

Our skin is like a porous substance that easily absorbs anything that has been applied to it. It absorbs 60% of the products used topically whether they are natural or chemical and absorbs only 10-20% of vitamins taken orally, thus feeding our very skin with topical all natural healthcare products like soaps, lotions, sunscreen, treatments and shampoos is a must.

As you can see, there are lots of IG shops nowadays all claiming that they offer organic-infused and all-natural products that will take care of our skin inside and out. But...did you know that all-natural does not necessarily mean organic? A product can only be claimed organic if the ingredients in the product are certified organic.

And that's what Leiania House of Beauty offers everyone! All of their products are well-crafted with all-natural and organic formulas and are vegan, gluten-free, hand-crafted, not tested on animals and 100% harmless!

Bought for: Free

When Ms. Favia told me that she will send me one each of her products, I got really excited. Little did I know that what she meant is that she will give me one item per variant! Woah! This comes in a box when I receive it so I did some unboxing, my fave thing to do these days. :D

Prime Castile Bars:
Botanical Healing Soap 110g | P370
Bio Fruit Whitening Soap 110g | P200

Kiwi & Tea Tree Green Clay Acne Clearing Soap 110g | P190
Avo Coco Watermelon Moisturizing Creme Soap 110g | P275

Almond Coffee Exfoliating Soap 110g | P190

Price: P1000/set

I really love looking at artisan soaps like these. And they look so promising! They appear so yummy like cake slices so I had to defeat this urge to eat everything. Lol.

Dark Chocolate Face and Body Collagen Scrub 100ml | P305
Milky Apricot Face and Body Scrub 100ml | P305
Liquoriced Coffee Whitening Scrub 100g | P235
Price: P800/set

I've removed some products from their plastic seal already and these scrubs are one of them. I am an avid user of scrubs so I was really delighted upon seeing these tubs on my package. And guys!!! They smell oh-so-yummy, you might be tempted to eat them especially the chocolate variant!!! Also, they will leave your skin well-moisturized, you won't even need body lotion afterwards. However, I find the granules a bit abrasive for face use. Anyhow, I know I will get used to it some time soon.

Hy'de No More Blemish Clear Acne Free Face Masque 100g | P305

This smells like clay masks. Back when I was in high school, there's a brand of mask that I always use and its prime components are clays. I don't see them in the market anymore though. However, they are very gentle on the skin and will surely make your visage bright and radiant with every use. I hope this one works the same or even better. Hihi!

Rose Pearl Powder 20g | P160

I'm actually torn between liking and hating the scent of this powder but oh well, I'm not the kind of person to stay away from products just because they aren't any pleasing or what. I can't exactly describe how it smells but others may find it strong and slightly off-putting. I believe it is a setting powder which I put over my bb cream or foundation to mattify my skin, however, I also use this as is on likely times because it's free from talc and is too light for the face.

Gold of Morocco Bearberry Eyecream 15g | P160

This is a very thick eye cream, I daresay. It is said on the description part that it is also ideal for face and neck use but I guess, I would not ever do that again. I have used it on my face once and it being a severe oil producer does not like what this eye cream does--making my face all oily and greasy at the same time. I might put it on my eyes but definitely not on the face! There is also a slight minty effect but subsides after seconds so it is perfect in reducing large puffy eyes, making the area around your eyes fresh and bright.

Eco Deo 30 ml | P210
Underarm Whitening Solution and Cream (UA Duo) 50 ml & 35g | P660

I am currently using this underarm set, solution and cream at night then the deodorant in the morning. Been using this for at least four days and there is already noticeable difference in the texture of my skin! It has become softer and smoother without the unpleasant odor. So I guess, thumbs up for this!

Ultra Moist and Tone Whitening Lotion 100ml | P160

The body scrubs are my most favorite out of Leiania House of Beauty variety of hand-crafted products and this comes next! It has some nice fruity smell to it that lingers on the skin for hours plus it's highly moisturizing! However, I hope it comes in a tube-type container because I find the content kinda hard to squeeze off with its sturdy bottle. Also, I hope Leiania has a bigger size, I definitely would repurchase!

Age Defy Kiwi Fruity Facial Wash 100ml | P285
Age Defy Tamarind and Kiwi Fruit Toner 100ml | P245
Vitamin C and E Collagen Serum 25 ml | P275

These products, according on its description are ideal for aging skin which, I think, is not yet suitable for my skin at its teenage years. But I love how fruity their scents are! And how they come in travel-friendly sized bottles/containers. But...I think I am giving this set to my mom still.

Sun Glow Sunblock Gel 30ml | P295
Ultra Tone Whitening Face Creme 30ml | P295
8 in 1 BB+CC Glow Creme with SPF30 30ml | P410

These comes in a pump bottles and is already a skin care routine for me: sunscreen, moisturizer, bb cream. I have tried the bb cream already because my friend insisted I open it and woah, it's very light on the skin and gives a healthy glow. It's more of a tinted moisturizer though than a bb cream, in my opinion because coverage is too light. I don't like the smell too but I know I will get used to it soon.

Micellar's Water Eau De Fleur 100ml | P600

Castor Oil 15ml | P250

Beetberry Lip and Cheek Blush 5ml | P130

The Micellar Eau de Fleur is a makeup remover and it's my first time to use one. I was amazed how it feels gentle on skin and bubbles lightly when applied on cotton balls. It cleanses my face without the need of rinsing off residues and without some tingling sensation.

I am also loving the lip tint! Color payoff is at its sheerest but oh my, this is perfect if you want a natural-looking pink kissers without the risk of getting your lips dark and dry.

I haven't tried the Castor Oil yet but I have used oil like this from a different brand and it just did not work for me. Huhu, let's try this one and I'm not wishing to get any more disappointment!

Wild Herb Argan Skin Peel 30ml | P485

This peeling set is the least on my to-road test list as of the moment because I hate to resort on
chemical peels again, afraid to experience the purging stage once more. So...shall I use it? Yeah, maybe, but time is still indefinite for me.

Each product looks very promising and definitely caters to the skin needs of an individual, whether you be a guy or a girl. I bet that this shop will grow soon enough and eventually would be a hit because I can feel that she does have passion in what she's doing and she's sharing it with us! So what are you waiting for? Go now and shop for whatever your skin needs right now and Ms. Favia would be happy to assist you!

Happy blogging!


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