Friday, February 19, 2016

First Impression: Natura Organics + Makeups

So I received a package this week and it's from Natura Organics, once again, one of the most famous IG shops known to be a manufacturer of organic-infused makeups and skin care products. What an incredible luck for me to be able to be given the opportunity to try some of their bestsellers!

Bought for: Free

It's my second time receiving make up products from a brand and it's almost a complete set with basic essentials to start working on a canvas with beginner skills, the one I have. They are made with organic ingredients too so I don't need to worry whether they could cause side effects on my face or if they can trigger some allergic reactions. Maybe they will, but I am not afraid to try though. Hihi!

Healthy Skin Foundation SPF 60+++
Price: to be updated

Now, this foundation is in the shade Rose which has a strong peachy pink undertone which, I definitely think as not really suitable for a fair skinned gal like me with yellow undertone. However, its high sun protection of 60+++ is quite irresistible as it is my first time encountering a cream foundation that could protect me for hours even under the sun! Lol. Scent is neutral, thank heavens it does not smell like typical drugstore foundations. It has micro shimmers on it too, so if you hate things like that, then, it's not really for you. I haven't tried it on my face yet, just swatched it at the back of my hands, but I say it dries to a matte finish and is lightweight.

Wink Brow Dressing in Raven, 12g
Price: 299

I rarely do my eyebrows just because I do not even know how to trim or shape it naturally. And every time I try so, I just end up looking like a witch in thick eyebrows. So...can somebody teach me how? Even my friends who knew how to shape their brows cannot do anything about my untamed hairs. What do I do now??? Anyways, I'm still trying to have a well-groomed eyebrows, been watching a lot of tutorials lately. I sometimes can shape other people's eyebrows but not mine. How did that even happen!?

Anyway, Natura Organics sent me one of their brow dressing in Raven--the darkest shade in their collection. It's actually a good thing since it's the shade that's nearest to my hair color. And I actually love it! The only thing I don't like is the formula. It has an oily finish which isn't really a match to my oily skin, tendency is, it will just oxidize in a matter of two hours. And it can easily be wiped away.

Dazzling Organic Highlighter in Maria
Price: P399

The packaging is uber cute in a container with a gem-like cover. It's shaded in baby pink with micro shimmers on it. I haven't tried it yet and it will be the first time I am going to try to highlight parts of my face and to be honest, I am sooo excited! It also has SPF15 and I think it pretty well does great job in 'faking' light and bring it to the skin. It blends nicely and leaves a fresh sheer finish.

Soft Matte Lip Gem in Juicy Orange
Price: P699

I am starting to get addicted to lipsticks so I was really happy to receive one from Natura Organics. To be honest, I hate orange but if it's bright and it could lighten up my mood, then I would consider it an exemption even if I find it not really wearable for every day use. This soft matte lip gem is highly moisturizing and pigmented, you won't need a lot of swipes to get an opaque color. However, it has a high glossy finish which I don't really like but matte isn't really perfect for my dry and chapped lips so I guess, this one will do. It's housed in a high-end looking packaging so...I give it an 8/10!

Thank you so much Natura Organics for these babies! Watch out as I will be using it for my future reviews and look! Happy blogging!


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