Sunday, February 21, 2016

Review | Beauty Pitch Tinted Lip Balm in Snow White's Kiss

Here's a review on Beauty Pitch Lip Balm in Snow White's Kiss, one of the prizes I received from Beauty Pitch PH's Instagram giveaway. Wait, I think I have already heard of a shade in Snow White's Kiss before! Okay, I couldn't really make out the brand but I think it's pinkish red in color. Anyhow, let's proceed!

Bought for: Free (P180)
From: Beauty Pitch

When I figured out I am going to receive another lip balm, one of the beauty basics I am currently obsessing with right now, I couldn't think of anything else I'd love even more from the package. Well, it's housed in a simply designed lip balm stick, so easy to retract and the cover shuts tight with a click.

The product smells nice at least for me, smells like raspberry I think? And is in a beautiful shade of deep red. Who would resist this shade? Well, not me! It reminds me of timeless women look which would be perfect to use even on a daily basis.

It has a very moisturizing consistency, thus, leaves a very glossy finish which I really don't like. So what I usually do is get some tissue paper, dab it on my lips to remove excess shine and it would already stay for a long period of time without retouch (at least four hours) and would turn into a more natural look for the succeeding hours! The formula blends well on the lips too and but I find the color a little sheer on first application so another coat might be needed if you want to sport bolder kissers.  The swatch below took two coats to achieve that color. If you want a fuller red, I'd suggest you use lipsticks though. 

If you have dull, dry and chapped lips, then it will be a good alternative to drying lipsticks. It retails for only P180 so it's not much pain on the ass. Haha!

Anyway, here's my awkward smile wearing the lip balm! It took me several coats to achieve that coverage but at least it's buildable, isn't it? It almost look like heavily applied lippie!

And here's what it looks like upon removing the excess color and shine! See how natural my pinkish lips look! Just please excuse my damaged, dry, chapped lips, my mustache, my pores, my obvious pimple scars and everything that's pretty awkward in there huhuh! I wear nothing but my lip balm. Beauty Pitch is just in time sending this stick to me as I badly need something to repair the skin on my lips! Thanks so much, Beauty Pitch!

And oh by the way, it's in shade Snow White's Kiss, sort of like gorgeous cherry-bitten in shade except it does not look anything like Snow White's lips. 

Anyway, you can get yours only by ordering online at Beauty Pitch PH, again, for only P180! Happy blogging!


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