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Skin9dan Black Pack Cleanser

I never knew Black Pack Cleanser exists until Althea invited me to be one of their beta testers. So here's my thoughts about this amazing product. Hoho, you have guessed it already huh? Yeah, amazing is the key word. And oh, by the way, I should never forget to tell you that it's for lazy people! Curious? ;)

Black Pack Cleanser 100ml
Bought for: Free (P560/P1200 is the original price)
From: Althea Philippines

When you encounter products from Korean brands, it's not all about the effectiveness of that product that will nab your attention, it's about how posh and trendy their packaging looks too. This Black Pack Cleanser is caged in a sturdy kind of sachet, not prone to scrapes and is sort of water resistant. You know what I mean when you soak a sachet on water and  the shiny parts would get separated revealing the transparent plastic inside with the formula? Okay, I explain too much. Lol. Anyway, it will not be the case here.

I should not bother taking photos of what's in the back it is. I don't understand a single thing! Do you? One thing's for's a pack and a cleanser in one! But I mainly use it as a makeup remover since washing the face is not enough to get rid of all your makeup residue.

Anyway, Black Pack Cleanser claims to prevent and heal enlarged pores, blackhead stuffed in pores, dry skin, flakes, darkened skin, too much oil and harmful residue of makeup and provides clear, flawless skin with a PH of 6.0 that minimizes irritation with Bamboo Charcoal that works as a mild scrub and Oil Paper like Volcanic Ash which removes oil that comes out of enlarged pores due to UV rays in sunlight.

Okay, this is my first time learning that UV rays can enlarge pores.

Key Ingredients:
  • Acai Berry - famous for its antioxidant effect and aging prevention
  • Black Berry - rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidant
  • Black Bean - rich in protein and unsaturated fat which is good for blood circulation
  • Black Rice - rich in protein, niacin, retinol, vitamins
  • Black Pearl - Niacin amide and Adenosine of Black Pearl brightens up darkened skin
  • Shea Butter - queen of moisturizer; deeply hydrates the skin

I slab a dime-size amount on my face EVERY night after using Leiania House of Beauty Age Defy Kiwi Fruit Facial Wash although it is instructed to apply with make up on. I just don't know, I feel like my face will be cleaner that way especially after it being exposed all day to dirt and pollution, not to mention, I am a daily commuter and I travel for 3 hours (home to school and vice versa).

Anyway, if you want to follow direction, you have to:
  • Squeeze adequate amount of product on face.
  • Apply it thick on face.
  • Leave it for 1-3 minutes. If you are busy to do this, skip this step.
  • Gently massage the face with a little bit of water on hand. Wash it off after the pack turned into foam.
I tend to always skip the third step since I am always in a hurry and I don't get enough time to let the product stay on my face for a while. This is me being lazy. And back to what I was telling you earlier, this product is for lazy people since you can use this only for at least a few seconds or a minute without compromising its effectiveness and uses. This is a perfect buddy for people who hates to use mask that needs to be removed only once it has dried. save time!

Since it is a Black Pack Cleanser, the product also comes in a black color with a creamy mallow-y kind of softness that melts down dirt and sebum. Seriously, applying this is like slathering on some melted mallows on my skin which makes bathing extra fun! The scent is neutral, not really nice but not too off-putting as well. It foams slightly when massaged so you guarantee a thoroughly cleansed face afterwards.

What I love about this is after I pat my face dry, I can feel that my skin is squeaky clean. I still apply toner but there's minimal amount of makeup that's being caught by the cotton balls so toner isn't anymore necessary. Another thing is that it can keep oil at bay! After using this, my face is shine-free for hours (without anything on). I don't know if this is the one that keeps me acne-free but yeah, it's compatible with my current skin care products! Another plus!

However, it pretty much stings on my skin especially on the part where I have fresh and freshly squeezed pimples (lol). And using the product can be drying on the skin so make sure to use moisturizer afterwards.  I can tell this despite my oily skin because I experience some 'tightening' of my skin. This is not really a problem to me as I seldom get dry skin. Sometimes, having an oily skin has its advantage huh.

What I love:
  • Cute packaging
  • Deep cleanses pores thoroughly
  • Prevents acne
  • Prevents severe sebum production
  • Both a pack and a cleanser
  • No pungent scent
  • Brightens dull skin
  • Evens out skin tone

What I don't love:
  • Pricey
  • Can be drying
  • Stings on wounds

Over all, I love Black Pack Cleanser so much! It's pricey, yes, but it's a really good product! Avail it only on Althea and get 60% off the original price! Happy blogging!


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