Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Review | Eden's Paradise Lip and Cheek Balms in Sakura and Dragon Fruit

Recently, I had some package waiting for me in the mail. I opened it and it was from Eden's Paradise, one of the most trusted IG shops nowadays which sells products that are organic-infused and made of natural ingredients. I rarely receive cosmetics, so much to my surprise, they are all lip and cheek products in different shades of pink! So what I'm going to review is these lip and cheek balms in Sakura and Dragon Fruit.

Eden's Paradise Lip and Cheek Balms in Sakura and Dragon Fruit
Bought for: Free (P199/ea)

The first time I saw these two, I immediately had this thought that I'm never going to like the Sakura in the shade baby pink just because I had this impression that it will not be as pigmented as I thought it would be. On the other hand, I fell in love with the shade in Dragon Fruit, sort of like a hot pink, because I do love dark hues especially for my lips. But ugh, I have found out that each is best for a particular use.

The Sakura looks like baby pink while the Dragon Fruit is in hot pink shade. Both smells really nice like bubble gums, has a glossy finish and comes in small cutie patootie plastic jars like this! Believe me, they are so cute in person, they could easily fill your pouches and won't add too much weight.

So, probably because of oils in the ingredients, there's obvious moist in the top and when you try to dip your fingers and create a circular motion, it would turn glossier even when it looks matte when still unused.

I use Sakura to keep my cheeks looking flushed and fresh without looking too made up while I find the Dragon Fruit best when applied on lips as it gives me just the right shade of pink I wanted my lips to be.

You might want to keep clean fingers prior application so the product won't be tainted with germs or bacteria. I actually recommend using lip brushes as that way I could keep my icky fingers away from these lip balms which would definitely last me for months! It has small amount of content but a little would go a long way already for your lips and cheeks.

Just like what I have said, it comes with a glossy finish. If you are not fan of it though, you can work this out by getting a piece of tissue paper and dab it along your lips and you will see that these lip balms do leave a pinkish stain on your smoochies that could last for hours. In my case, they lasted for a good five hours without drinking and eating. Not bad as they are actually better than other tinted lip balms!

As you can see the Sakura offers a natural-pink flush while the Dragon Fruit looks bolder but perfectly wearable both for day and night out. What's great about them is that they are highly moisturizing for the lips and won't make them chapped or dry even when you tried to wipe away all the glossiness. Just pinky swear.

Here's what it looks like after I wiped the excess. So you see, you need not to worry about looking dull as when the product's been erased, it still leave some natural-looking pink stain on your puckers. Order yours now only at Eden's Paradise and see it for yourself!

Maybe you've tried it already? Share your experience here with me and I'll be happy to talk about it! 

Anyway, until my next blog post! I will be featuring some of my future purchases from Zalora! I can't really contain my happiness as it would be my first time shopping on their website! By the way, you can check out ZALORA's extensive selection of accessories for women here.


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