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Review | iWhite Korea 2 Minute Whitening Miracle Special Wash-off Mask

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Hey, girls (and guys) out there! Too busy to even pamper yourselves nowadays with some face masks or scrubs? I bet your skin's hungry for some homey treats just as I do! Fret not, iWhite Korea 2 Minute Whitening Miracle Special Wash-off Mask is already here!

As the name suggests, this special wash-off mask will already do wonders to your skin in just 2 minutes. Woah, this might be a time and skin saver all at the same time!

iWhite Korea 2 Minute Whitening Miracle Special Wash-off Mask
Bought for: P24.50/ea
Brought from: Watsons, SM Manila

I believe this is the latest innovation iWhite Korea has to offer to consumers so I got really excited, purchased at least two sachets just for me to try them out. If you read my previous blog posts, I already shared my thoughts about iWhite Korea Peel-off Mask, Aqua Moisturizing Cream, Face Cream and Facial Wash. I will be posting the link below if you want to check it out!

This special wash-off mask is just so special as it offers us 7 in 1 skin benefits: nourishing, exfoliating, blooming, whitening, nourishing, exfoliating and whitening. Are they worth the hype? further!

iWhite Korea is known for using their natural ingredients on their products--mulberry extract, aloe vera, korean ginseng, etc--plus their ultra cute sachets like this. I did not even think twice whether I buy it or not because their previous products works for me naman.

For mobile users: iWhite 2Minute Whitening Miracel Gel is a specially-formulated facial mask that gives your skin a healthy does of whitening care and maintenance with all-natural active ingredients. Within two minutes of application, your skin receives pampering through active skin brightening nourishment, hydration and relaxation. This mask also helps in the prevention and reduction of acne and controls excessive oiliness while keeping the skin moisturized.

This Wash-off Mask is enriched with:
  • Limmonia Acidissmia Extract which is a mild natural solution to skin brightening and reduction of acne scars, dark spots, old scars and hyperpigmentation.
  • Lonicera Caprifolium Extract which is an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent.
  • Bambusa Vulgaris Leaf Extract which is the richest natural source of Silica that is essential to skin regeneration by providing strength to the collagen in our skin.
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract
Were the claims true? Definitely.

Unlike their peel-off mask, this is almost transparent in shade and is somewhat thick in consistency. It smells like shampoo? I don't know but it smells really good for me. Hihi.

Warning: The next picture is a shameless selfie of mine!!! 

So this is how my face looks like prior application of the special wash-off mask. You can say tell that it looks oily, dull and believe me, bumpy and rough on texture despite my uber oily face and large pores.

It is instructed to put on a cleansed and dry face, putting sufficient amount on the face then leave for two minutes and gently start massaging the face for another minute to seal in the active ingredients while gently exfoliating it.

This is how my face looks like after two minutes upon application of the formula. I actually plan to take a picture of me after fresh application but I do not have the slightest idea that it would turn watery that instant and when you try to rub your face, it would look the same as peeled layers. These tiny whatcha-call-it would provide you the exfoliation that you need to remove dead skin cells on your skin, making it brighter, softer and smoother afterwards.

After two minutes of leaving it on my face and a minute of gently exfoliating my epidermal layer, I washed the mask off, feeling the somewhat greasy silicon-texture on my skin which eventually fades after you rinse everything off.

Hmmm...let the photos speak for themselves!!! Just look how well-cleansed and bright my skin has become after just three minutes! Woah, this is really amazing! You can see fresh and reddened pimples marks all over my face that has not yet been removed but...ugh, I think this mask would help my skin regenerate new cells!

Have you tried it, ladies? Let's talk about it on the comment section! Don't forget to subscribe! Love ya all! Happy blogging!


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