Monday, February 15, 2016

Review | Leiania House of Beauty Rose Pearl Whitening Eco Organic Face Powder with SPF20

Tired of getting your makeup turn sober after only a few hours since you applied it? I know. I can feel you. As much as we're investing more on good primers, we should too with our setting powders/final powders because they will keep our face shine-free (unless you really want that dewy glowy face) and your makeup freshly intact for additional hours.

Thank goodness, Leainia House of Beauty had Rose Pearl Whitening Eco Oragnic Face Powder with SPF20 which I use every single day to mattify my uber oily skin. I even hate it because I have large pores and yeah, my face sweat up really fast, I sometimes think its sebum production is not normal anymore. Haha, kidding! But that's just how oily I am that even my 'layer by layer' makeup fades up too fast. I am not acidic though.

Rose Pearl Whitening Eco Organic Face Powder with SPF20
Bought for: Free (P160)

The pink cover is actually cute and I like it being stored in an acrylic transparent container though I don't like that the packaging is something that might break easily when dropped. I actually misheld it once and it developed a crack on the side right after. It isn't really durable so always try to be careful when using this product. It's a little bulky too and the size isn't really travel-friendly, but something I would consider bringing with me anytime.

The smell has this floral scent which I really love, I don't know if you'll love it too since it has this kind of perfume fragrance that might be strong for some.

It comes with a puff which I rarely use just because I find it a little irritating (makati) for my skin. It's not a big deal though because I could easily use my hand when setting the powder over makeup and I actually don't like using sponges/puffs that I have already used twice or thrice already since it could be bacteria-laden (unless I'll wash it). Anyway, you can use this as is or as your final/setting powder, it's really up to you. And it's a really good substitute for drugstore face powders that might be filled with harmful chemicals!

For mobile users: An eco organic face powder with natural plant oils and mineral sunblock SPF for a safe, healthy way to whiten skin while protecting from sun damage. Arbutin and Pearl Extracts will enhance complexion for a radiant glow. Organic Rose petals powder extract is a healthy toning and calming actives for the most sensitive skin. Controls, oiliness, calms skin irritations, protects from the sun and whitens the skin. 100% Free of Harsh Chemicals, Synthetic Preservatives, Parabens & GMO.

Natural Ingredients: Rose Petals Powder, Food/Cosmetic Grade Talc, Zinc Oxide (Lo-Micron), Australian Zeolite Minerals, Arbutin and Pearl Powder Extracts, Vit. E Alpha Tocopherol (Natural), Raspberry, Orange Creme and Garden Path Essence. *ORGANIC INGREDIENTS

It's actually my first time coming across an IG shop selling face powders. Leinia seemed to be a starting company that promotes the usage of organic and natural ingredients on their products, yet they seem to be very brilliant in creating different makeup and skin care items that would help every girl enhance their beauty using natural-infused beautifiers such as this face powder.

You can actually see that it's composed of very fine-milled pigments that instantly remove any greasiness and oiliness on the face. What's more is that I find it very lightweight on the skin and won't cake your foundation/bb creams, thus making your makeup last for hours and keeps oil at bay. It really has become a good buddy for my Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream!

I'd say its very gentle and won't clog the pores too. Ever since, Ms. Favia sent this to me, I immediately use it up until now. And so far, no major breakouts yet. I guess my hiyang factor just go to the products I'm currently obsessing with. I might share my recent skin care routine to you in another blog post soon! (And some of them are from Leiania too!)

In terms of its lightening, uhm, I see no noticeable effects yet as lightening actually takes time but I am not after it though. Also, a little goes a long way. You can even use a tub for months already! It's so affordable too so perfect for princesses on a budget like me! Hoho!

The only thing I don't like about it is that the powder is translucent and could create a white cast on the face (probably because of the SPF content). So to avoid this, do not put too much so you won't look like a clown. This is not a big deal again as I can easily control the amount I want to use or could just wipe the excess by tapping some tissue paper on my skin. And hey, it's a good thing it has some SPF as you can stay protected under the sun!

Overall, this is another product from Leinia House of Beauty that is worth repurchasing! Again, walang halong pagp-PR, this face powder is actually a bomb!

Purchase this only at Leinia House of Beauty for only P160! Happy blogging!


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