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Review | Skin Beautanicals Tea Tree Kit

So I ran out of my favorite tomato serum from Sooper Beaute and my skin care routine changed abruptly. And then my prize from Skin Beautanicals' giveaway arrived just in time when I was a little problematic which new ones to depend on to take care of my skin for the following month. If you know me, I'm always in search for the skin care routine that would remarkably reduce my breakouts and enhance my perfectly flawed skin. Truth be told, my hiyang factor just got lost somewhere for a long time now. I have always wanted to settle for a permanent skin care regimen, but...

Anyway, just wanna share to you my thoughts about Skin Beautanical's Tea Tree Kit now that I have road-tested them already for two weeks straight.

Let's just discuss first about the packaging. They all come in sturdy spritz bottles so it's kinda hygienic and is travel friendly. Also, application is easy as you can control the amount which you want to dispense out of the bottle. They also comes in nice packaging, looks like their worth, and comes with a mini eco bag.

Skin Beautanicals Tea Tree Kit; P850
Bought for: Free (giveaway prize)

It also has this paper with instructions on it for guidance purposes which is, by the way, a good thing for me as I sometimes overuse products like this. Hihi.


After cleansing my face every morning and at night, I will just spray this 4-5 times on a cotton ball then I would apply it on an upward motion in my face and neck, only avoiding the eye area. I like how gentle it is on skin but tough on removing dirt from my face and dries to a matte finish. I smell no hint of alcohol in it too even if it smells strong so you do not get worried it would dry your skin out. However, the scent could be an issue to some.

It claims to be an organic acne cleanser and toner that helps kill bacteria and clears clogged pores, calms and soothe inflammation and irritation, regulates and controls excessive oily skin.

This has been my favorite out of the three because it leaves my skin squeaky clean without dryness and helps control severe oil production. The result? With this, I'm oil-free for at least two hours! It's pretty much an achievement for my uber oily skin, I promise. Usually, my face would turn like an oil slick in as fast as 45 minutes. So behold, my new top pick toner!


After my toner dries, I would apply this gel on affected areas usually on areas around my cheeks and jaw. That's where most of my pimples and acne spout out.

I hate that upon application, the areas where I applied it would sting for seconds. Well, it's tolerable but still, I've got no mood for anything that leaves some tingling sensation on my skin. I think they stresses it. Lol.

I have also noticed that there was some peeling that occurs too where I put the formula on. I got to stop since did not really do well on drying out my pimples like how Clean N' Clear Acne Gel did to my skin before when I was using it on my high school days. Also, it felt sticky on the skin and when I say sticky, it really is sticky yet somehow fades after minutes. conclusion, this might be on my least favorite list.


Who wouldn't love products with SPF 60!? Whoooo!? Well, not me! I was quite shock upon seeing it with broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection! Woah, this must be a good product!

Most makeup enthusiasts like me does not really approve of putting sunscreen under makeup just because it would somehow create white cast that would not look quite good on photographs and would remove makeup easily but not with this one, I guess. It's makeup-friendly that would not trigger severe oil production not like what other greasy sunscreens do.

It is said to be non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) and is oil free which I find very ironic as it has jojoba oil on it's ingredient list. Anyway, even if there is, it's ain't any noticeable naman since it's gel-type in consistency that would dry into a bit dewy and sticky finish which will also fades after minutes. 

It smells almost nothing too and could be a nice makeup base. You can use this as is when your running errands outdoor to further protect your skin from harmful UV rays!

So will I repurchase?

I guess but only with the toner and sunscreen. I think they may be compatible with my other products that would address my skin problems (pimples, scars and severe oil production) effectively.

If you want to try the kit, you can order online at Skin Beautanicals Instagram page. Remember that what does not work for me may work for you so be patient and try your luck! Happy blogging! :)))


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