Monday, February 8, 2016

Review | Skin Temptations Black Bites Bar

I don't have the slightest idea why, but I am currently into soaps nowadays. Can anyone tell me what is happening to me? :D

Anyway, without further adieu, let me introduce to you this Black Bites Bar which was sent to me by Ms. Joy of Skin Temptations last...uhm...wait...was it November? December? Or last month? I forgot huhuh! Anyway, it took me time to review this since I have been on hiatus about using different soap aside from Sooper Beaute's variants. Anyway, let's start!

Black Bites Bar 135g
Bought for: Free (P100)

The soap is actually larger than regular sized soaps which definitely would last longer too. It actually looks like the Black Soap from Sooper Beaute and has the same beneficial claims.

It claims to give the skin a superior skin whitening and gradual renewal without redness and irritations. It exfoliates dead skin cells through its resurfacing crystals and willow bark.

Also, it lathers pretty much and feels so soft in the skin, leaving it well-cleansed. It's true to its claim to be gentle while exfoliating the skin because of the resurfacing crystals since after every bath, my skin feels soft and smooth without the dreaded dryness whitening soaps do. Because of this, I think even those with sensitive and dry skin can use this.

Unlike Sooper Beaute's Black Soap, this one is gentler, smells better and is more effective for me. After every bath, I notice that my skin seems to glow and brightened up without the painful peeling and tingling sensation. Also, my pimples dried up while I am using this, now I can say that my face has lesser breakouts because of this.

And because I hate to see this gone wasted just because it melts on soap dishes unused, I have to divide this into thinner portions as you can see above. By the way, I love dividing all the soaps I have so when I decide for some abrupt change of bars, then it's easy to let go of small parts than of a whole. Also, it's nice to share them to my friends too! That way, we could go over our experience with the bar and together we discuss its wonders and such.

Overall, this is a very good product worth repurchasing. I recommend it to those beauty junkies on a budget since a bar is sooo affordable and is effective!

Want one? Order now at Skin Temptations! They also have Kojic Soap, Crunchy Oatmeal Bar, Beat The Zit Bar, White Sugar Bar, Black Forest Bar, Milk Frappe Bar, Mulberry Peel Bar and Argan Beauty Bar, all for your skin's different needs! Hmm, I think I want to try everything but I'm currently eyeing Beat The Zit Bar most especially!

'Til my next blog post! Happy blogging!


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