Friday, February 12, 2016

Top 7 Mobile Phone Applications For a Blogger/Shopper Like Me

With the help of technology, life could be ever so convenient. Notions erupted from technologies are these mobile applications that were made possible and downloadable in fast and easy ways on Google Play Store or Apple Store which definitely, would help you through with your daily lives. So... you've got some social media applications already downloaded, dontcha? Well, I've got mine too of course, but I just want to acknowledge some of the mobile applications that help me everyday in all my blogging or shopping agendas! :)

1. BPI Express Mobile

Being a practical and impulsive buyer at the same time, I am in need of an application that would monitor my saves and splurges from time to time. BPI Express Mobile, thus, helps me in monitoring all my deposits and withdrawals by just logging in into my account.  It's actually a good thing to know that I am a sensible money-saver!

2. Ebay

Being a blogger, specifically a beauty blogger, meant that I am definitely a mighty shopper! Aside from freebies that I get from joining giveaways or sponsored products sent to me for reviews, I always wanted to try other products out in the market so I can gush about it here on my blog too and since I don't get them for free, I had to buy them myself either online or offline with high consideration of course to its price since I am currently on a student's budget.

Ebay has tons of items being sold by the different top sellers. Sometimes, I find deals there that are way cheaper compared to when you actually buy them in the mall or anywhere else. Talk about being just practical. Haha!

3. Merriam-Webster

This has been my term buddies since I turned college. Why not when I was still in grade or high school? Believe me, I do not have any idea. But something changed when I turned to blogging! Haha! I admit that I have been in such bad luck being not gifted with deep knowledge on advance English terms, vocabularies and idioms, so dictionary has been helping me get through my dilemma when I can't find the exact words to tell. Lol.

4. Repost App

I do not know why I include this here. Haha! But since IG giveaways require regramming and reposting all the time, well, I had to download too so I can join giveaways. So far, I'm getting most luck this year. Lol!

5. ProDict TL-EN

This is my latest installed application on my mobile phone. I was really happy to find an application the gives me answer at high speed when I needed a word to get translated either onto Filipino or English language. This helps me big time when I am writing essays, doing home works and while blogging too! In other words, this is a dependable translator.

6. One Drive

Being a Mass Communiction student, files are important. Being a blogger, photos are also important. Being a writer, epub or pdf's are important. So to securely keep them on my mobile phone, I sometimes upload them here on my One Drive account and it already frees storage space on my SD Card, plus, I can access the files/photos easily anytime, anywhere!

7. Kingsoft Office/WPS Office

When I bought my phone, Kingsoft Office was already downloaded. When I updated it, it has become WPS Office. This application is really important to me because it helps me read my files either in standard or mobile view and it restores the page where I already am in. I could also write new documents by using it. Sometimes, when I am too lazy to open my laptop, I just use this to construct a blog post then I'll just send it to my laptop later for photo updates.

So there you have it! My top 7 mobile phone applications for a blogger and shopper like me! These applications won't actually cause your phone to lag or what. Pardon me, I am not a techie person lol. And these do not take much space on your phone storage too so you might want to try them! Happy blogging!


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