Thursday, March 31, 2016

All Under P500: Makeup Brushes and False Eyelashes for Makeup Starters

Who loves to hoard so much but does not want to spend a lot? As much as I do not want to admit it, I plead guilty. As much as possible, I stay away from Ebay because that's where I used to hoard so many things, spend thousands of bucks shopping for things that I do not even know if I'll be able to use. Who would not? They got tons of deals and products around the world that's got the cheapest price! But I can't. And wait... Let me tell you that I am definitely changing! I promise to reduce my being an impulsive buyer and just commit to the things that I am sure to use. So far...I'm sticking to it.

So...for my recent Ebay haul, here's what I purchased to add up to my growing collection of makeup tools and essentials for starters like me! I believe that spending bucks on expensive ones could be a waste because, first, I still have no idea how to use them so as much as possible, pour on all my trials and errors on affordable ones to really get all my money's worth.

Pink Kabuki Style Makeup Brush Set 10 pcs, P218.24
Pro Synthetic Angled Flat Top Brush (for liquid foundie), P72.83
Natural Long False Eyelashes, P72.83
Natural Cross Handmade Eyelashes, P52.40
Soft Natural Cross Handmade Lashes, P52.40

Total: P468.7

The first makeup brush set I got from Ebay does not have any kabuki brushes (big ones) and I badly need to know how to use them for applying liquid foundations so I looked for them on Ebay and got these 10pcs Pink Brushes at a bargain price of P219! Gah, can you believe it? Usually, these unbranded makeup brush sets retail for P400 and above locally! Not to mention it is free of shipping charge!

I got mine from: befdi.

This flat top kabuki brush is just alone and does not come with any company set and I was thrilled to know it is mainly used for applying liquid foundations and it's uber cheap (P73) so I paid for it immediately. For your information, I am never a professional when it comes to commenting on the effectiveness of brushes but tell you what, the synthetic hairs are super soft to the touch! They did not also cause any skin irritations like the makati (itchy) feeling! Although I have to test them still when washed if I'm gonna have problems with fallouts.

When I went to Manila Sundance Bazaar, I bought a falsies glue and then the O.A. me panicked. I have nothing to glue on my eyes (lol!)! Good thing, I decided (after some long self argument) to browse on Ebay AGAIN and found these falsies in 10-pairs and yeah, super affordable at only P50-P70 per box! I can't help it so I bought all three! Gosh, they all make me feel soooo excited for my upcoming makeup gigs! Hihi!

I think my favorite would be this natural cross eye lashes! I bet they look good when worn plus they are thin and looks more natural!

I bought the flat top brush and all these falsies from: davidjiandan.

So...that's all! Looking forward for more budget-friendly items from Ebay! Actually, I'm blogging and browsing all at the same time! ;) Have you tried shopping on Ebay? Share with me what you've got! Happy blogging!


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