Sunday, March 13, 2016

Beach Born All Natural Sea Salt Spray

Hi, guys! I just wanna share something that I recently discovered on my second journey to Manila Sundance Bazaar! So you see, I am starting to love attending bazaars if it's gonna be at the World Trade Center since that is the place most accessible to me. My friends also do because we were able to see lots of IG shops in one place, perfect for online shoppers like us. Really, those kind of bazaars are. Plus you get to save on shipping fees if you hoard there!
Beach Born Sea Salt Spray
Bought for: P180
Bought from: Eika PH

Okay. I do love the packaging. A lot. It looks cute with that frills of woven ribbon and slightly shiny stickers and that improved spray mechanism. The truth is, I love everything about it--from the cost to its effectiveness. I mean, who would not, right?

Here's some tips on how you can use Beach Born All Natural Sea Salt Spray (for mobile readers):
  • For heatless beach waves that lasts all day. Spray a generous amount of our Sea Salt Spray on dry/damp hair and tie into a top bun/half bun/large braids: let set during commute or overnight and release.
  • For the perfect Bed Head look: Spritz generously on damp/dry hair then twist and scrunch in large sections.
  • For a heatless blow-dried look with sexy volume, spray on damp hair and let air dry.
  • To keep curls gorgeous for 24 hours, spray generously before and after curling.

This will give you natural-looking bouncy waves that's so easy to do and won't require much effort! With just your hair and this bottle, you can already have gorgeous waves. I think, you could keep all your irons and curlers for this could instantly save your day!

What's more? It is so affordable, scent-free, and all-natural. Here's a little secret. I am afraid I might empty this bottle right before summer starts because I love using it everyday for that ultra-lightweight, voluminous wavy hair without the damaging hair tools.

Til my next blog post! Have a nice day and happy blogging!


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