Friday, March 25, 2016

Chica Y Chico Astazet 4.0

Here's a review of Chica Y Chico Astazet 4.0.

I don't know if you are all familiar with the Korean brand Chica Y Chico. To be honest, I only had a thought about it when I found its products being sold in Althea. And because I've been a little snoopy regarding its retailing price (which by the way is not a joke given my student budget), I feel like I have to try it just to know if my money's worth it.

I actually had enormous expectations about it, first, because it retails a little expensive given the small amount of product a tube has and second, yeah, well, it does look very clinical, those that are exclusive upon checking up with a dermatologist. I know I had to always remind myself that there are lots of factors like product formulation, that make us hiyang to some products and that being sold expensively is not enough to guarantee us good results. So it's not just right to put up all my hopes in one product.

Chica Y Chico Aztazet 4.0
Bought for: P720 at 52% off (Original price is P1520)
Bought from: Althea Philippines

Well, this look like a pretty decent moisturizer. Looks special, indeed, with all its scientifically displayed information like the 4.0 and 4% thing-y. I mean, it's quite convincing, isn't it? Like it's formulated with scientists who knows best on the field and is more extraordinary than your typical moisturizing creams. But to be clear, it's just a cream.

The cream is packed in an aluminum kind of tube with safety seal and a hygienic tube with the expiry date printed on the top.

It claims to be a mark eraser, like spot treatments that could lighten blemishes, discolorations, freckles, skin stains and pimple and acne scars and gives you even skin tone and deep hydration. I don't have problems like freckles but I do have lots of persistent pimple scars especially on my cheeks that I have been badly want to get rid off for a very log time now.

It also has great ingredients like:'s got loads of ingredients that sound great huh. Good things there  are no parabens or other dreaded chemicals on the formula.

As you can see on the photos below, it's got a light yellow creamy texture that is easy to blend on bare skin. However, given my oily skin, I still find it a bit greasy to the touch. It has a fetid, medicinal smell too but since I am not really particular with product scent, this is not bothersome at all.

To be honest, when I am waiting for my Althea parcel to arrive, this is what I have been most excited to try on. So I did tried it first, road test it in a week and I EVENTUALLY HAD TO STOP. Why? I actually developed some skin rashes on my face and neck area. On my third day of use, I noticed it already because my face started to itch and small bumps emerges out of my pores. It looks nothing, really, neither reddish nor colored but I can feel it. And still, I continued using thinking that maybe it's just first reaction. I mean, it happens a lot with products, right? Like you'll breakout but it's just all part of the products' effectiveness, but with this, I guess not. After a week, I really had to stop. My face became so itchy, not anymore tolerable. Before I scratch my face to bleeding, I know I had to discontinue use.

And until now, I ask myself, is it really the product? Or it's just my face's reaction to sudden change of skin care routine? I mean, I ALWAYS change my skin care routine but nothing this terrible happened before. Now I am scared to give this product another try. Hey, I paid P720 for this tube!

As for the lightening part, I don't know if a week is enough to notice changes but I am really so disappointed as it did nothing but give me these annoying bumps all over my face and neck area. so definitely, I will not recommend. NOT EVER. I decided to just toss it away and remember its name and make sure to never use it again.

So, overall, Astazet 4.0 is a total disappointment. The packaging and the formulation are dodgy. If you'd ask me, I am still suffering from this itchy bumps on my face even though it's been 10 days since I stopped using the product but the bumps start to lessen each day though.

For you who's reading this blog post, be careful on what you are putting on your face and I know, it's partly I, who deserves to get the blame for not doing patch test prior to road testing but now you know what to do. I do not have sensitive skin in the first place so I guess it's safer. Also, please bear in mind that what not works for me may work for you because we all have different types of skin and we react differently toward a certain product. Could you smell my disappointment while writing this? I bet you could! :(

I don't know if you experienced the same thing or what but feel free to share it here with me! Happy blogging!


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