Friday, March 25, 2016

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder

When you shop at Althea, this Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder is included in their bestsellers. Aside from being super affordable, I do not know what else is special about this small jar...until it's been given away FOR FREE when you shop at Althea. You know, there are some times when Althea's having promos that when you put these highlighted products in your cart, you just don't have to pay for them (One of the things I love about them!).

So, as I was saying, I got it for free and I actually am glad because this was what I got. Continue reading if you want to know more about it! I got really excited when I am gonna talk about this product! ;)

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder, 5g
Bought for: Free (P260 at 27% off/Original Price: P360)
Bought from: Althea Philippines

Innisfree is a Korean skin care and makeup brand and is eco-friendly which focuses on recycled packaging and infuses natural ingredients in their products, therefore, free of harmful chemicals. Sounds good, huh?

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral powder has Mint, Jeju Green Tea and Jeju Mineral Powder that is why when you try to smell it, you will catch a whiff of the following ingredients and did I already tell you that it smells oh-so-nice? It does actually.

It's housed in a small mint green plastic tub and is designed very neatly, you won't get bombarded and confused with too much information as its design seem to be very straight forward. Also, I find it not too bulky, just the right size to fit in pouches and bring wherever you want to go.

It has the manufacturing date and some description, I guess? Good to know that it expires 2 years after opening.

When you take a peak on the inside, you'll know that its created like typical face powders with that filter thing and sponge. By the way, I super like the puff applicator--its very soft and smooth, to be honest, thus, delivering a smooth application too.

Anyway, let's get down to what I love about it.

This powder has multiple use as well--finishing base powder, makeup fixer, soft and bright skin tone, replacement for oil control paper, eye primer and hair control.

Too much uses for a small product huh? I'm impressed. But are the claims really true? Definitely although I haven't tried it yet for my hair! It says there that it could be applied on top roots of your hair to get rid of oiliness. I mean given how finely-milled the pigments are and how strong its capabilities to mattify skin, I believe it would also do well with hair!

It claims to be a replacement powder for oil control paper making the skin soft and matte. It would if applied at least three times a day (for oily skin). It keeps my face shine-free for hours (maybe because of the double sebum control system) but definitely, not all day. But it's the only face powder which keeps my makeup that way for a good five hours. So far, it's the best for me!

Even though, it only has 5g of it, I swear, it could last you up to months but I guess, it still depends on how much you use, still, a little goes a long way! In my case, I just use it once a day (focusing more on sebum concentrated areas like forehead, nose, chin and upper cheeks) as a setting powder over makeup to make it last longer and in fact, it would! Actually, they tend to melt on my skin after a few hours because I have severe case of oily skin (which scks) but not with this powder. As a matter of fact, I tend to become oil-free for at least five hours. Mind you, I commute daily and you can think of anything that triggers oiliness on my skin, do you?

Upon application, my face seemed to look bright and clear and definitely so soft and smooth to the touch! I just... I can''s just so perfect! If you are worries that it may create white cast on the face like other face powders do, fret not! This powder blends easily to any skin type and tone, acting as a translucent powder to make it look fresh. If oils start to threaten again, just dab a little and its back to fresh again. That easy, promise. What's more? I have been using it for quite some time and I'm having no irritation at all and definitely, no major breakouts to date!

The only downside for this product, I think, is that due to the puff applicator and powdered texture, application could be messy. It has a pressed version and I'd love to use that too!

What I like about it:
  • great sebum control
  • makes skin soft and smooth
  • makes makeup last longer
  • good setting powder
  • fine-milled powder pigments that suits all skin tones and types
  • travel-friendly packaging
  • affordable
  • smells nice
  • a little goes a long way
  • versatility in terms of uses
What I don't like:
  • Application could be messy

Overall, Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder is definitely worth every try and every penny! I mean it's full-packed with uses and goodness and I bet, everyone will love it just as how other bloggers do! Whether you have dry, oily, sensitive skin, this would be perfect for you not to mention how affordable it is! I definitely would repurchase!

Tried it? Share your thought here with me! Happy blogging!


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