Sunday, March 27, 2016

Leiania House of Beauty Almond Coffee Soap

With the growing numbers of manufacturers of natural and organic-infused products nowadays, I am really fortunate to have tried the Prime Castile Bars from Leiania House of Beauty. Today, I am going to talk about the Almond Coffee Soap first. Since I love coffee-based products, I knew that among the rest, I had to use it first.

Leiania House of Beauty Almond Coffe Soap, 100g
Bought for: Free (P190)
From: Leiania House of Beauty

We all probably know that coffee is a well-known exfoliant therefore lots of organic brands are incorporating it in their products. It has lots of benefits too that you surely would not compromise with other artificial exfoliants in the market like it can reduce puffiness and cellulites, can brighten the skin, tighten and smoothen it out, can fight free radicals and soothe skin inflammation.

As you can see, the soap is covered in a tamper-proof plastic seal to prevent pollutants from spoiling the freshness of the soap. The packaging feels so exclusive too. You know what I mean? It seems to be not jut some typical soap and isn't just some kind of joke. And I really appreciate the proper and complete labeling since there's a lot of non-drugstore brands (especially the newly-established ones) who fail to include detailed information like descriptions, directions, ingredients, and even proof of authenticity. 

This Almond Coffee soap is definitely full-packed with highly beneficial herbal plants and extracts like Coconut, Olive, Sunflower, Canola, etc. What you'll be getting from this 100g soap is pure goodness, that's a fact.

Almond Coffee Soap claims to be a gentle natural exfoliating soap bar with almond extracts and oat protein for extra care on skin sensitivities and a wonderful skin treat and is excellent in removing dead skin cells in order to rejuvenate skin and bring a soft, smooth and fresh skin. It can also tighten and firm the skin, promotes the release of positive emotions and powers up brain activities. Also high in natural glycerin and lauric acid, it softens and deeply moisturizes the skin.

I actually love how its crafted--it looks sooo cute, I actually just want to display it (lol!). It's also a great bath companion as it relaxes my senses with its soothing aroma.

You might not see it but there are coffee grounds on the soap (the dark part) which acts as an instant scrub, thus, exfoliating with body scrubs is not anymore necessary while using this soap unless you badly need some terrific scrubbing after a stressful day. Just mop the soap on your skin and and it suds up pretty well! The coffee granules aren't abrasive on the skin too so its really perfect on every skin type whether you have sensitive or normal skin.

To be honest, this soap dries my skin out which isn't really bothering as I could just instantly slather some moisturizer afterwards. This is just a result from the tightening effect of the coffee, making the skin firm and such. Also, I love how it instantly perks up a radiant and glowing skin after every wash and prevents breakouts too! I actually uses it days before, during and after my period and I can proudly say that I got no major zits.

What I love:

-Soothes skin 
-Makes skin radiant, healthy and glowing 
-Free from harmful chemicals 
-Full-packed with beneficial extracts 
-Calms senses with its aroma 
-Great exfoliant that removes dead skin cells 
-Makes skin soft and smooth 
-Made of organic and natural ingredients 
-Suds up well 

What I don't like:

-Could be a little drying

Overall, I really love this soap! It's worth repurchasing and is highly recommended to everyone! If you want to try it out too, just place your order at Leiania House of Beauty Intagram, Facebook or Official Website. Also, don't forget to visit their Blog Site!

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