Friday, March 18, 2016

Leiania House of Beauty Hy'de No More Blemish Clear Acne Free Face Masque

Facial wash, toner, creams, scrubs, lotions, serums, essences, oh you name it, still masks are my favorite. Lol! Yes, you heard me right, I love face masks and packs in whatever brands, variants or kinds that I collect them in my vanity kit. I don't know what's so special about them that I keep on saving up for them. Believe me, I have tons for my to-review-face-masks list. Hmm, you know what to get me on my birthday! Kidding! ;)

Facial masks and packs became essentials nowadays due to its capability to treat and repair the skin with instant noticeable results. It provides instant pampering session for you too while you are in the comfort of your own home.

Anyway, here's a review on one of my favorite masks--Leiania House of Beauty Hy'de No More Blemish Clear Acne Free Face Masque--sent to me by Ms. Favia of Leiania House of Beauty. Bucket of thanks to her for introducing me to this product!

Leiania House of Beauty Hy'de No More Blemish Clear Acne Free Face Masque
Bought for: Free (P305)

It comes in a sturdy plastic tub with very informational stickers and labels and is full-packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that would definitely de-gunk all your days' accumulated dust, dirt and oils so you will definitely enjoy a much clearer, cleaner and brighter skin complexion without the harmful chemicals.

Just take a look at the ingredients. It's packed with different natural and organic ingredients that will yield good results for anyone who's gonna take it. You need not to worry about using those synthetic scrubs and harmful chemicals as this product offers you all the nature's best get all your money's worth!

It looks like mud on a tub but it's really effective. I remember back when I was in grade school and I had to purchase something on Watsons because it's a crazy sale weekend and there's bunch of promos going on. So what I purchased was facial packs in sachets and it has something like volcanic clays or ash on its ingredients which I tried giddily upon arriving home and it was! I did realized then that products infused with clays suit my skin well. And so as this!

Its texture's like that of mud with gentle exfoliators. I don't know if its intended for exfoliation purposes but tiny beads are just there and enough to scrub off dead skin cells so you get a pack and a scrub in one! Amazing, no? However, the scent could be off-putting for some but it's something that isn't a concern for me. Also, it could sting on troubled areas of your skin so I don't really recommend it to girls who are undergoing some chemical peel or using some spot treatments unless you could tolerate the pain. I am using neither as of the moment, but there's still a wee bit of a tingling sensation on my pimples and mouth area. But I think it's just an inkling that the product's working.

I actually love how it instantly brightens my face, moisturizes without the dryness and leaves it uber clean. Also, it could control too much sebum production so I get a noticeably lesser shine on the face on days that I use it. It also prevents further breakouts and works on drying out my pimples in at least two times of use (not really instant though) without the red spots pimples leave behind! Just how cool is that!?

I actually am applying this every other day and just allow it on my skin until it dries fully. A tub would definitely last me two months(?) but it still depends on the amount that I use. Sometimes, I can't help slathering on thick coats, other times a sheer coat will do.

Excuse my shameless selfie, will you? Believe me it's really effective! It does not fully eliminate all my blemishes and pimples, neither making my skin spotlessly flawless but with continuous use, I believe this product can do it! Tried it? Or itchy to try it? Come and order your now only at Leiania House of Beauty! Happy blogging!


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