Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Leiania House of Beauty Ultra Tone Whitening Face Creme

Moisturizing everyday has become my habit. I once had a bad case of oily skin but chemical peels dried it out too. So you can now imagine that my face turned into combination skin type which requires the use of moisturizer with lightweight formula. I prefer oil-free ones but Leiania House of Beauty Face Creme is definitely a welcome exception as it's another product infused with natural and organic ingredients that would probably do your skin more good than harm.

Ultra Tone Whitening Face Creme 30ml
Bought for: Free (P295)

This is the first step to my moisture series (lol). However, I just apply it during night time as the formula's a bit greasy and can trigger severe oil production. It smells fruity too, I sometimes think that it smells just like their lotion which I really love because the scent tends to linger for a long time. Though some might find the scent a bit heady.

The product comes in a plastic bottle with a pump dispenser, great tool to control the amount of product to use on the face. This makes the product hygienic too. Packaging wise, all the needed information are attached to the bottle--ingredients, direction manufacturing and expiry dates, proof of authenticity and other additional information (for OC pips like me, lol).

Leiania House of Beauty Ultra Tone Whitening Face Creme claims to be formulated with a range of natural and organic ingredients that moisturize and brightens the complexion. The combination of organic plant oils rich in Vitamins A, C and E will help repair the looks of fine lines and discolorations, while actives from AHA, Phyto Fruit Extracts, bearberry, green tea,  and liquorice extracts, will help to lighten blemishes, lighten skin naturally and brighten face to reveal younger looking complexion. It is an anti-aging facial creme that delivers continuous hydration and moisture for that vibrant look.

Natural Ingredients: *Fresh Aloe Vera Extract, Aqua, Floral Hydrosols from *Bearberry, *Liquorice Root, *Chamomile Flower, *Green Tea, *Rooibus, Soybean Oil, **Capric Caprylic Triglyceride, **Niacinamide, Glyceryl Stearate, Fresh Goat Milk, **Cetyl Palmitate, **Sorbitan Palmitate, **Sorbitan Olivate, Cyclopentasiloxane, *Rosehip Seed Oil, Stearic Acid, **Cetyl Alcohol, **Kiwi Fruit Extract, AHA Phyto Fruit Tocopherol,Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol (and) Sorbic Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Vit. A Palmitate, **Australian Mandarin Essential Oil, **Sweet Orange Essential Oil, **Vanila Essence. *ORGANIC INGREDIENTS. **PLANT DERIVED

The texture's like those of typical creams in the market--white and creamy--however, it's made of organic and natural ingredients, the inconspicuous difference. Also, most creams, nowadays, are very innovative, turning to matte when dried for example or is oil-free. This face creme, however, do not seem to mind being 'trendy' or 'catchy' but instead just do what they are supposed to do--combine naturally beneficial ingredients to come up with an amazing product like this.

Yes, it leaves quite a sheen on the face (which you can counteract with some face powder) but it's something that would be on the least of your concern as you will be positive that you feed your layers with only healthy food for the skin. By the way, a little amount would go a long way already. A pea-sized is actually more than sufficient but it still depends on your preference.

Upon application, I feel some minty effect on my skin. The formula is uber easy to blend, can be easily absorbed but yeah just like what I have said, the oily properties on the cream do not easily penetrate through the pores so in possible worst cases, it could turn your face to an oil slick as easy as counting from 1 to 10, you would look like you slather some oils on your face accidentally. On a lighter note, it does feel lightweight on the skin.

I use it every night after toning my face with Leiania House of Beauty Age Defy Toner and I am getting no major breakouts yet (except for my usual tiny pimps during my period). The part where it claims to lighten the skin is where I tend to refute as using it for almost a month made no big difference on my skin tone. Maybe it does not lighten the skin permanently, but it did brighten it up every morning upon waking up when you regenerates cells the most.

What I like:
  • highly moisturizing
  • brightens the complexion
  • smells fruity
  • a little goes a long way
  • affordable
  • made of organic and natural ingredients
  • helps remove minor spots (with continuous use)
  • gentle and sting-free
  • does not cause (me) to breakout

What I don't like:
  • can trigger severe oil production
  • can emphasize pores
  • does not really lighten the skin tone
  • available only online
Overall, I'd say that Leiania House of Beauty Ultra Tone Whitening Face Creme is worth your every try. I'd recommend it to any skin type but most especially to dry and sensitive ones who are looking for products that would definitely suffice all their moisture needs! Avail now and experience its wonders! Happy blogging!


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