Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Leiania House of Beauty Underarm Whitening Solution, Whitening Cream and Eco Deo Roll-On

Being a girl, having dark, uneven and bumpy underarms are total bush. We get conscious on what we wear, constantly reminding our remorseful selves not to show off in sleeveless. If, for one second, you think that you are alone in these well, think again.

Due to high sugar intake (this is what I have been remorseful about), I developed pigmentation on my underarms which results to unsightly uneven skin tone. Not to mention how I used to love experimenting with shaving creams, wax and other solutions for my underarms which even more triggered its worsening condition. Quite unbelievable, am I not?

The result? Apparently, it's a shame but I have to put it here: uneven and bumpy underarms. Well, it's not that really dark, but enough for me to still get conscious on what kinds of top to sport up.

Now that summer is fast approaching, we do not have to look 360 degrees all over drugstore shelves as the solution that you might have been searching for to safely and effectively lighten your pits could be right here, in front of you! Introducing...Leiania House of Beauty Underarm Whitening Solution, Whitening Cream and Eco Deo Roll-On!


Eco Deo Roll-On
Bought for: Free (P210)

It comes in a typical roll-on bottle--hygienic and very convenient to use. The design of the packaging is very simple but is labeled properly with directions, ingredients, manufacturing and expiry dates and other useful information for curious consumers like me.

This Eco Deo Roll-On claims to provide a whiter, sweat-free, odor-free and chicken skin-less underarms which are the things I watched out for when I road-test it for two months straight along with the UA Whitening Duo.

The very first thing I like about it is the super lightweight watery consistency of the product. It's like water which dries out easily, you don't need to get back on those sticky, long-drying deodorants which transfer on clothes un-dried. Also, it smells almost like nothing which is just fine with me as I know it's fragrance-free. I have read somewhere that fragrance on products can be harmful too because it can cause irritation.

Another thing I like about it is how gentle it is on skin but tough on sweat and odor. It claims to sting actually on the first minutes but I experience no such thing as far as I can remember. Added to the benefits of this product is the rarity of  having those wet circles on my shirt (yey!) considering that I perspire, like, a lot. does not cause stains on white shirt! I've been looking for a product which does not stain light-colored shirts for a long-time now and thank heavens I found one! And what's more is that it is made of pure organic and natural ingredients without the harmful parabens (which can cause cancer) so it's safe for everyday use!


Underarm Whitening Solution
Bought for: Free (P660/Duo)

The formula's scent is not too overpowering. This underarm whitening solution, surprisingly, is very mild on the underarms given its ability to exfoliate skin and make it peel overtime. It does not sting too and if it does, it's hardly felt. I guess that is what I like about it. It's not some kind of solution that needs some other creams (unlike other UA Sets) to be able to work its magic. I mean, if I use this alone, I could still experience some life-changing moments (like being proud to flaunt thy pits!) and its still would be a great one!

I use this every night on clean underarms by getting some cotton swab then pour over a small amount of this solution that is enough to cover both my underarms and just allow it to dry before applying the cream. On my first fifth day of use, I noticed some peeling but it's not something drastic by the way. It eventually reveal much smoother and softer skin by removing the dead skin cells which contributesto making underarms look even darker. I also reduces the appearance of bumps and folds.


Extra Strength Underarm Whitening Solution
Bought for: Free (P660/Duo)

This cream is housed in an expensive-looking clinical plastic container with very detailed information too and has 35g of product inside. It has a slight overpowering smell of floral which isn't so bothering at all. The consistency of the cream is thick and creamy but easily dries to a refreshing matte. It actually provides a powdery veil on my underarms when dried.


I am totally satisfied with these products! I have been using it for two months straight and my underarms lightened at least a tone fairer! Well I did not achieve exaggerated lightening but is enough to make me trust the brand and the products. However, I still have uneven toned spots to concentrate on but I believe these products, combined with patience can help me achieve great-looking underarms! Remember, you can't get a lighter tone overnight and it takes lots of effort and patience which definitely are the key!

So...been thinking of getting these for yourselves? Share your thoughts here with me! Happy blogging!


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