Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Let's Talk About Wearing Neutral

Okay, this would be my second time posting something about fashion. For one thing, I love dressing up, mixing and matching color and creating different outfits, thus maximizing the capability of a single (or say couple of) fashion piece to add an enormous oomph to an outfit. However, no matter how hard I aim for better photographs and backgrounds, I guess my lack of resources and time just put me in a place where I can only afford to offer average quality and creativity. This is for now, I promise to get better at it. So...hope you can enjoy!

My Saturdays (wash days at school) most of the time are a combination of jeans and cute tops and sneakers. None of those glamorous sleeveless tops and dresses, leather jackets or heels. Oh c'mon, I don't want to be a little overboard with my fashion preference as it's just forschool. Fashion won't help me in studying naman, right? But still, I would like to look presentable and that way, I could be more confident.

So last Saturday, here's what I wear. I so love neutral shades of tops like grays, who would not? They are so simple yet stylish and...they are too easy to pair up with almost anything. So if you are in a hurry, choose gray. They say you could never go wrong with black. I add gray.

We are having a mini photo shoot here because of our presentation for Organizational Communication. By the way, thank you to Elisha and Randy for my makeup and Lyn for my hair. Hahahah!

This outfit, I say, is perfect if you just want to sport comfortable clothing without comprising the look of trend and style. And by the way, I got my top and pants for a very low, low price! Check them out below! Til my next blog post!


Top: Bought from Manila Sundance Bazaar (P150)
Pants: Colored Pants from Whoops (P399)
Shoes: High-cut Sneakers from Converse (P3600)
Watch: Geneva Watches (Bought from Ebay at P999)

Makeup: Randolph Ibabao and Elisha Zapata
Hair: Lindemere Aimielle Villanueva
Photos taken by: Lindemere Aimielle Villanueva

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