Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Quick FX No-Shine Mattifier

Okay, I am going to say it now but I have never paid much attention to base makeups before not until I figured out how it can keep my makeup intact for a few more hours than its typical staying power. I have read good reviews about Quick FX products lately so I know I gotta put it on my wish list and then, last month I was able to spot it on Watsons, SM Manila and just grab it on a whim as I might change my mind! Not to mention that I got it on sale! Haha!

Quick FX No-Shine Mattifier, 10g
Bought for: P59 if I am not mistaken; original price is P89
Bought from: Watsons, SM Manila

You see that it comes in a sachet packaging with a lock that you have to twist to open. For a value size product, this is kinda innovative and useful. You need not to worry about mess and spills and bacteria that might enter the sachet with air exposure. Information are also displayed on the sachet itself. By the way, sorry for the blurred photograph! I promise to make it up to you once I got a better cam.

Some, like me, might think this is a primer. Basically, it depends on how you're using it for. I consider it one at times when I like to apply foundation on top. Other times, it's just a typical blurring cream that helps fill the pores and mattify the skin. There's no particular 'primer' label that can be found anywhere so I guess I am just assuming. Anyway, for mobile users, I am going to post the information below as I am trying to make my blog more mobile-friendly. :)

Quick FX No Shine Mattifier is a light moisturizer that helps hide imperfections such as fine lines and pores while providing an exceptional smooth matte finish. It also helps prevent and treat pimples without drying out the skin.

Directions for use:
  • To use under makeup: Apply to freshly-cleaned skin. pat on problem areas and use your fingertips to blend the cream on skin.
  • To use over makeup: Pat on lightly over makeup and blend for smoother complexion and more radiant looking skin.
  • How to reaaply: If pores or line reappear, apply delicately on problem areas over makeup and blend. The lightweight formula refines complexion.

Active Ingredients: Cera Alba (Beeswax), Chamomile Extract, Niacinamide, Tea Tree Extract and Salicylic Acid known to moisturize and help prevent pimples and work on treating them.

It actually reminds me of Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser--both has a very lightweight formula. I have tried that one long before I started blogging so I guess I needed to buy another one for reference. Anyway, this Quick FX No-Shine Mattifier offers a more matte finish, I guess that is the only difference in terms of effects.

The application is pretty easy. However, you might think that the product sets or dries very easily upon application. Don't get deceived though—it is just the consistency. Wait for a few more minutes before layering your skin with BB creams or foundations as it can tug on the product and accidentally mix both on your face. As much as possible, use not too much of it on the face.

Upon application, my skin felt very soft and smooth without the shine although my pores are still visible (just because they are large in the first place, to be fair). I actually expect to be shine-free for a good 4 hours but nope, it just kept my hopes up. I still need to retouch with blotting papers and powders after at least two hours. Should I blame my genes or this? Lol.

I actually tried to apply it over my already oily face and it just didn't work as my face turns slippery, not at all matte or shine-free. And also, the 'tapping' part did not work. I apply it like a normal moisturizer, otherwise, you don't get to blend the formula well.

Overall, I actually like it, although I don't find it as something that could be considered a holy grail. It did not break me out or clog my pores and I like how it seem to brighten my skin and make it look clearer with pores a bit compressed. I might repurchase but I am still on my way to finding a good primer/blurring cream for me. So...I guess that's pretty much it! Happy blogging!

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