Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Beauty Bask Himalayan Renegade Soap Review

I did fall in love at first use. With what? With The Beauty Bask Himalayan Renegade Soap! This might be the weirdest thing you can hear from me but it's just the way it is. Yes, I did fell in love at first use.

The Beauty Bask Himalayan Renegade Soap
Bought for: Free (P228)
Bought from: The Beauty Bask

I know a lot of online shops who sells organically and naturally made products. One of them is the Beauty Bask with Ms. Kristen as the super jolly and good-looking seller. I am just really lucky to receive a sample of this soap to blog about. Thank you so much, Ms. Kristen!

By the way, this soap, along with the other three variants namely: Paradiso, Amongst The Stars, Mr and Mrs. Androgynous, are just the first soaps released by the shop. The shop's current bestsellers are the Purveyor of The Lush and Chasing Daydreams (beauty oils), but I wouldn't be surprise when their soaps would be the new hit in the market.

Okay, this is a beauty block which claims to detoxify, brighten and purify and is recommended for blemished skin (good for me, yey!) and all skin types (woah!). It is a potent PH balancing beauty block in an almost silver tinge that comes in a feel good scent brought about by its natural and certified organic ingredients! Clinically proven actives target flaws and help your skin overcome free radicals working at a cellular level to restore and repair your skin from oxidative stress. Include this as either a daily or a bi-weekly habit to draw out deep impurities, brighten skin and preserve youth despite the unavoidable dose of sun, stress and pollution. Rebel against grime with this charmingly exotic beauty block!

Okay, I can't help taking lots of photographs of this soap just because. Anyway, it has Freshwater Silt Mud, Himalayan Red Rice, Plankton Extract, Matsutake Mushrooms, Paper Mulberry and Morus Alba Bark. Okay, that's a lot of scientific terms huh. And because I am not familiar with the skin benefits of each, I decided to do a mini research about them. And...I would like to commend The Beauty Bask for creating such an awesome block of product. I just feel like this would surpass my expectations on the first time I saw this and I WAS NOT WRONG. It's like I can already feel how Ms. Kristen hand-picked each ingredients--carefully infused them into each block to provide us, consumers, with only the nature's goodness.

This block has a soft, sticky texture. I even tried to cut them and the body's too soft so I got afraid I might cut it in unusable parts. I almost think they would melt easily but they seem to harden more when wet. Makes no sense huh. Yeah, and because of that, a bar would last me a month at max.

To be honest, I find the scent off-putting at first but later on, I think that it's not bad at all. It's just that it is made with organic and natural ingredients that is why it smells so mild without the harmful fragrance.

I know I said much already so...let's go to the review proper.

I apply this block two times a day (day and night) for maximum results. To test its effectiveness more and make sure it's precise, I use the block on my face only until it runs out. The soap felt very soft on my hands and suds up real quick and heavy making me think that it is, indeed, a really good cleanser. I testify to it because I can easily remove my makeup even when I am not using any makeup remover. Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara is so long-wearing that even when I double-cleanse (using other soaps), the residue is still just there. But with Himalayan Renegade, one wash wipes everything off. Yeah, it is that tough.

Do not get me wrong, it is tough on cleansing but not on skin. Despite the fact that it's so good at removing makeup, ironically, it's so gentle on my layers and is non-drying. I did not feel some sting or painful peeling while using this soap. And yes, it is sooooo brightening. I love how my face looks after every use. I sometimes skip my toner just because I trap little of those dirt and dust that loves latching on my face because they have been removed in the first place. With continuous use, my face became softer and smoother. Pimples hardly pop out of my pores as well.

With weeks of use, my blemishes lighten a bit but not too much which, still, is a good thing as blemish removal is not easy as overnight yet I know that it is possible with this soap. Hmm, this is just pure goodness and I have nothing against it, only so much love!

All in all, this is such an amazing product and is worth repurchasing! I recommend it to everyone--whether you have sensitive, dry, normal, combination or oily skin.

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