Monday, March 7, 2016

Top 5 Features That I Love From Lazada Philippines

I love buying online. Don't you? I'm sure, for lots of valid reasons. So I was thinking earlier what prompts and encourages me to buy online despite the threats and risks of purchasing stuff without really knowing if a seller is legit and honest or not. I even recently heard that an online shopping site was reported due to poor accommodation and failure to ship the paid items right after buyers send them thousand bucks for dresses. We are partly to blame as buyers, yes, so it is our responsibility to figure out whom to trust our money with.

Just a few reminders before buying online to avoid getting bamboozled by the growing numbers of fake sellers nowadays and for you to enjoy some online retail therapy:
  • Do a research about the company/site before purchasing. The more popular it is, the better.
  • Look for valid reviews about the products and its name.
  • Look for some proof of shipping.
  • Don't let the photographs deceive you.
  • Ask other customers if the service is pretty good.

Anyway, I know one which I rated 5 stars for offering good service and it is no other than Lazada Philippines. Let me just share five features that caught my attention upon browsing through their site!

1. Every day is a sale day in Lazada.

Who does not love shopping things that are on sale? Well, not me. Just as long as there is an opportunity, grab it! You may never know when you get the same chance again. So...better buy it than feel sorry, right?

For your information, Lazada offers P200 discount upon subscribing to their newsletter alongside other items on sale! You definitely would not want to ignore this deal, would you? And so I browsed through their website and saw lots of items up to 90% discount! Wow, just wow.

Okay, this comment is actually particularized. I could say everything from fashion to home living, but I wanted to focus on their gadgets, most especially on their flash drives and hard drives! I have never encountered Toshiba and SanDisk flash drives that 'cheap'--in fact, the cheapest among the rest. For a Mass Communication student like me, I am always bombarded with paper works that definitely need some secured storage so this is a must-have application. I would always get my storage devices here!

2. Convenience is highlighted for it has its own mobile app!

You never need a computer to access Lazada. They have a mobile application that is available on App Store and Google Play and is super easy to download, just click download it and install! Now, you can shop whenever and wherever you are! Plus, you get additional P150 discount if you shop through the mobile app. You truly can save extra on Lazada app!

3. Trusted Sellers and Buyer Protection

Lazada has lots of sellers that offers exchange or refund for 7 days so you can guarantee your satisfaction with every purchases plus you get to reserve your buyer's rights. For me, this feature is most important to ensure that you enjoy a good shopping experience without those dreaded fake sellers.

4. They are a one stop shop!

Okay, you name it, Lazada have it. They caters to all ages, to every demands, to every preferences. They sell fashion, jewelry, health and beauty, mobile devices, gadgets, computers/laptops, home appliances, cameras, travel, home and living, baby items, automotives, music, books and lots of other products from different brands so you are really given the freedom to compare and contrast these products to meet your every demands. Alongside is the chance to get to save from shipping cost's simply a one stop shop where you can grab your necessities without having to search for other online shops!

5. Lots of payment methods!

Once sellers done setting up everything--from website to photo displays and information--, they should also focus on their payment methods, definitely in order to close the deal. Just take this for example: yeah, they sell very good items which you put in your cart. The next thing is go through checkout page but when you try to look at their payment methods, you will just get disappointed because either they require only credit cards or paypal. Personally, I don't find it nice as I don't have credit cards. Poor me. So what I do is just ditch my cart and look for alternative sites in which I could buy my wanted items without having to go through the thinking "how am I going to buy this?".

Good thing, Lazada offers, aside from credit and debit cards, bank transfer and COD (Cash-on-delivery) so rest assured, you will get your most-awaited items sooner or later!

And there you have it! You finally have ideas why it is sooooo nice to shop at Lazada! Hit me up if or once you did and tell me how's the experience, alright? 'Til my next blog post!

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