Monday, March 21, 2016

Top Uses of Argan Oil ft. Simplify PH Argan Oil

Argan oils are always chased by brand manufacturers and incorporate it mostly on skin and hair care products because of its high dose of Vitamins A and E, antioxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, and Linoleic Acid, thus being in-demand to consumers. It, being in an oil form works great and is well-known not just for being a great moisturizer when applied externally but also as a good alternatives to over-the-counter products and ointments in reducing inflammation, promoting healthy hair and skin and repairing damage.

Simplify PH 100% Organic Argan Oil 30 ml
Bought for: Free (P450)
Bought from: Simplify PH

The oil is housed in an amber-glass bottle with a pump dispenser. It's a good thing that the bottle is amber-colored as it can prevent light from destroying all the good components of the oil. However, I, at least, would prefer it in bottles with a dropper tool instead because the oil tend to leak from the pump when placed horizontally (?), you know what I mean? Hehe! But...overall, the packaging and the size is so travel-friendly, not to mention how posh-looking it is.

For the hair: I am so in love with this oil to be honest. It makes my hair shiny (not at all greasy) with its lightweight formula and it does not weigh my hair down. I also love how a drop could already make my hair well-moisturized, soft and smooth, meaning a little goes a long way. You don't need to worry about how much you pay for it because you can use this bottle for a very long time. With continuous use, I notice that I get lesser split-ends and my hair color stays vibrant.

Application: After every bath, I always apply a drop or two on the lower three-fourth of my hair up to the ends and careful not to put even a little of the oil on the top as my hair tend to get oily in a matter of a few hours (just like my face, ick). I mean, you don't want the oil and the sweat combined as they will really weigh my hair down which is a total uh-uh.

For the face: I have an oily skin type and oils are not my best friend, truth be told. No matter how I would like to incorporate oils on my skin care routine, they just won't fit well, like ever, because I tend to breakout. But when I feel like I am having dry skin due to chemical peels, I resort to oils just because they are super moisturizing but I'm careful enough to put a very small amount at least once a day. Compared to Castor Oils, this one has a thinner consistency yet still oily for my face. I guess it's really made for those who have dry and normal skin type.

And now for the uses of Argan Oil! I just converged all my research into one blog post so I claim not in making the following uses, unless I said so. :)

  • Moisturizer for lips, hair, face, hands, nails and feet. Argan Oils claim to be absorbed easily due to its lightweight formula. Since I can't apply this on my face, I am just using it as a lip, hair, hand/nails and feet moisturizer. With its high dose of Vitamin A and E, this is surely an instant anti-aging product added to your skin care arsenal. And with its high moisturizing properties, it can condition your whole body to prevent dryness especially on cold season.
  • DIY Face and Hair Mask. Maybe you're asking who's got
    time for some DIY? Well, me! And I'm pretty sure that if you are a budget-conscious person, you definitely want to make your own hair and face masks rather than buy those chemical-infused products out in the market nowadays! Not only you get to save, but you are guaranteed of results from chemical-free hair and face masks! I personally love to mix it with some honey and other beauty oils.
  • DIY Scrub. So...who loves body scrub!? Me!!! We probably all are, no? Well, I love combining Argan Oil with my favorite coffee, milk and honey scrub for extra moisture! Now I get all the benefits of this oil with every wash!
  • Cure for acne. Lots of people claims that Argan Oil works well in treating acne and prevents severe oil production due to its high Linoleic Acid which works to ease out skin inflammation.
  • Heals skin troubles/ailments. Argan oils are rich in cell-building components and works great on soothing the skin and prevents further damage. After every shaving sessions, you can apply Argan Oil to reduce redness and irritation.
And that's it! Do you have one to add? Share it on the comment section below! Thank you so much for reading! Happy blogging!


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