Thursday, March 17, 2016

Unboxing My Second and Third Althea Pink Parcels

It took me a few more days to blog about my recent Althea Korea haul since the day that I received the package. Sorry for that as I have to meet tons of deadlines and school projects. In between my making of our project on Communication Theories and Models, I got bored so I decided to open my blog and post my Althea haul since I have done product photo-shoot earlier. Hoho!

More of my un-boxing if you scroll down. :D

See the cutest signature sturdy pink Althea box? My friends and I are always looking forward to it. I never expected to receive two so this got me extra delighted that I gave the other box and my previous Althea box to Nikki and Nica. I find it quite useful to storing my makeups.

I've got more than three thousand bucks worth of products here just because I turned impulsive all of a sudden when I have found out that they were rewarding 300 credits plus hot deals and a freebie to first time signup-ers. This is just one of lots of deals that make me cave in. I had my friend signed up with a new account (I am a beta tester) and I used his e-mail and he did not mind. Thanks so much!

The items are already in a sturdy box but there are still bubble wraps, our fave thing to pop!!! Hoho!

By the way, I ordered mine last Feb. 17 and it arrived on second week of March, I think? It actually took a week before they shipped my parcel due to large number of orders that's why. That turned me off though because the first time I ordered from them when I was a beta tester was a total flash.

Nature Republic Provence Calendula Daily Sun Block
P460 at 51% off
(Original Price: P954)

I have been wanting some pure sunblock with high SPF especially this coming summer so I made sure to purchase Nature Republic Sun Block at 51% off. So much of a steal, isn't it?

W-Lab Black Kill Pore Tightening Pack (Vampire Pack)
P539 at 52% off
(Original Price: P1120)

I love packs so the second I saw this, my instinct told me to just buy it. I got captivated by the site's nice copy with it working to tighten the skin which is exactly what I need right now. It's a half price slashed from the original price so again, I did not hesitate in buying this. I just hope it will work just fine.

Chica-Y-Chico Astazet 4.0
P720 at 52% off
(Original Price: P1520)

I don't know if this is the culprit or what but I have been suffering from itchy and bumpy rashes on my face and neck right now for two days. It was the thing I have been most excited to receive and use but...the rashes. I discontinued use but maybe I'll be giving it a chance again soon. I hope next time it will not fail me just how it did this week.

Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask
P550 at 75% off
(Original Price: P2280)

If I am not mistaken I got this for only between P300-P400. I remember it was on a lesser price and it was what trigger my being an impulsive buyer once again. I am really looking forward to review this so just please please please, be patient and watch out! :*

Piolang Volume Express
P520 at 45% off
(Original Price: P960)

This is the first time I bought something for my hair. Mostly are from my mom or just some stocks at home. I haven't use it yet because I am still emptying Beach Born Sea Spray but I hope it could add volume to my mane just as big time as its claims haha!

B&SOAP Scadi White Pack
P600 at 60% off
(Original Price: P1520)

It's a pack. You know what happens next right? Other packs from Althea never fails to be on my to-buy list. This is just among the firsts to try and I promise to share a review about this once I have road-tested them already. Well, it claims to whiten the skin primarily so...let's see!

Cloud9 Blanc De Whitening Cream
P700 at 65% off
(Original Price: P2000)

This actually reminds me of iWhite Korea Facial Cream which can instantly brighten up the skin but given its price, I am definitely expecting so much more from it. It better not fail me or...I'll cry. Lol. Anyway, I love the uber posh packaging and it's very hygienic with the spoon out there! See? See?

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder
P260 at 27% off
(Original Price: P360)

This powder is sooooo amazing. I mean I have super oily skin but this manage to keep oil at bay for hours without shine(no retouch for at least four-five hours) and I use only very little amount of the product meaning a jar would definitely last for months but it still depends on the frequency and amount of use.

By the way, would you believe if I say I got the Innisfree No Sebum Powder for free (and the sample of Missha sunblock sun gel)? Yes! Althea's occasionally giving away products for free if you purchase from them! I am just so lucky to get this!

Here's my smiling face upon receiving my second orders from Althea. Thank you so much!

For oders straight from Korea, visit Althea Philippines and enjoy free shipping on orders above P1500 and get P150 credits for every new sign up and use the code 'JUSTHANNA' for additional P50 credits! So that's instantly almost P500 worth of savings! See you when you've made a haul! Happy blogging!


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