Saturday, April 2, 2016

Avon Feeling Fresh Whitening Underarm Antiperspirant Deodorant Cream in Quelch Spring Blossom

Here's a quick review on Avon Feeling Fresh Whitening Underarm Deodorant Cream in Quelch Spring Blossom. I have consumed one of this already before, this is my second tube actually, because my mom and I loved it!

Avon Feeling Fresh Whitening Underarm Deodorant Cream in Quelch Spring Blossom, 60g
Bought for: P145
Bought from: Avon

I actually refrain to pay much attention to whitening deodorants as nothing ever really lightened my pits (not when if it's used with whitening creams and solutions). And as long they don't cause any more uneven skin tone or darkness, then that is when I become fine on using them. And since this cream claims to whiten underarms, I'm just confident that it would turn to be an okay product for me.

I actually like that it comes in a tube type packaging. It's more travel-friendly this way unlike with the bulky roll-on types. Plus, this serves better in sanitation purposes. I mean, since both my mom and I use this, then we could share this tube together acceptably because there is no physical contact involved unlike with roll-ons, right?

I love that it is free of parabens (those icky chemicals which can cause cancer?).

The formula isn't that thick nor runny,  just perfect for everyday underarm use. With this product, you won't get any heavy, warm or sticky feeling because it is so lightweight when applied. It also dries easily leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth and mildly scented. Actually, the scent of this product is sooooo nice (like fresh flowers)! Tell you what, I love this because it's the best-smelling deodorant cream that I have ever used so far! I'm not really particular with how much fragrance there is on product or if it smells awful but I just can't ignore the fact that Avon Feeling Fresh Whitening Underarm Antiperspirant Deodorant Cream in Quelch Spring Blossom smells oh-so-good!

This product protects me from odor all day but not from sweat even with only a small amount of  product dispensed. I mean, I still perspire on my underarms even with the use of this. Still, our odor concern has been addressed well, right? And it's a natural process of the body, therefore, we can't really hinder perspiration. Even the best-smelling person in the world sweats hard huh. This product is also gentle on skin, I did not feel any itchiness or get irritation in my whole period of using it.

After finishing two tubes, say it's just one since my mom and I were sharing, I did not notice any lightening effects on my underarms but I don't care, I'd still prefer this one over other drugstore deodorants/antiperspirant since it did not cause me skin darkening in the first place.

I don't know if it's just in my case, but this cream does leave yellow stains on white clothing, particularly on my camisoles. That's the only trouble I have for this product though.

What I like:

-Smells really nice
-Travel-friendly packaging
-Convenient to use
-Prevents foul odor
-Makes you smell fresh all day
-Smoothens and softens underarms
-A little goes a long way
-Dries fast

What I don't like:
-Leaves yellow stains
-Does not work well in lightening underarms
-Available only through dealers

Overall, I love it! Pros weighed cons so...I'd definitely have my third tube some other time! Did you find this product worth purchasing? Share your thoughts below! Happy blogging!


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