Saturday, April 16, 2016

First Impression: Lavish Skin Care + Professional Skin Care Formula Products

Clarifying Toner,
Kojic Acid Soap
Bought for: Free

I ain't got no time for full reviews just yet so I am just gonna share some first impression post for two of the products of Lavish Skin Care PH--another local brand on Instagram that sells authentic PSCF (Professional Skin Care Formula) products.

Admittedly, I am one of those girls out there who are a bit skeptical about trying these sets given both the positive and negative feed backs. Though I believe that most girls who drop negative feed backs about these products might only mistakenly use those that are sold by frauds, thus the misfortune. 

However, it is very timely, indeed, because I am currently using PSCF Kojic Acid Soap right now, but not from the same shop, alright? It was my mom who brought the soap home just a week ago. She said it was given to her so we both use it for cleaning our skin. And because I am really terrified of using the soap on my face, I just decided to just use it for my body and so far, my experience with this soap is pretty much unbelievable.

This soap does not cause me any skin irritation nor peeling. I don't really know if its normal but I did not notice drastic peeling on my part but I think my skin lightened a tone fairer after a week of constant usage. I just skip off the 'let it stay on for whatever minutes' because most Kojic Soaps are a huge sucker of moisture. 

And for the Clarifying toner, ahmm...this is what I'm most skeptical about because one of my classmate said that using it will cause drastic peeling and it really hurts daw. Still, I wanted to give it a shot, but only before the next semester starts because I can't afford to look all red and flaky while undergoing my On-The-Job Training.

Guys, I badly need your advice/comments/experiences right now. I wanted to proceed but I'm afraid. Comments will be much appreciated! And please don't forget to subscribe!

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