Thursday, April 7, 2016

Geparly's Sweet Sensation EDP 100ml

Geparly's Sweet Sensation EDP 100ml
Price: Around $19.99-$65
Available: Online

My mom was the one who bought this for me as a gift because she knows I love perfumes in cute packaging. I actually asked her how much this one cost and she just won't answer so what I did was search online as to how much it retails for and I figured out that different shops sell it for different prices. During sale, it could go for as low as $19.99 dollars and as high as $65.

I like this very cute bottle in baby pink, I just don't find it radiating class and elegance, though very feminine, modern and girly. It has a small letter G engraved on the snuffer-cap which I believe to be the initial of the brand's name, Geparly.

It's bursting with Citral and Limonene (a fragrance agent that emits citrus odor), Citronellol and Linalool (which has a floral type odor),  and when combined all together, they just create a very sweet sensation, thus, its name.

Unlike other perfumes, I wouldn't say it would fit any woman of all ages because it's both cloyingly saccharine and citrusy without much muskiness--perfumes of modern days. A woman of adventure, vibrancy and blitheness is what I see myself whenever I am wearing this, very me indeed--the reason why I am into this.

Longevity wise, this fragrance is such a keeper. Spray it on your wrists for some cheering up sessions! It helps!

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