Saturday, April 9, 2016

Leiania House of Beauty Liquoriced Coffee Whitening Scrub

Leiania House of Beauty Liquoriced Coffee Whitening Scrub, 100g
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From a perspective of a beauty junkie like me, body scrubs are bath essentials to make sure that we maintain a healthy, soft, smooth and supple skin. Therefore, in whatever form (powder-based, salt-based, cream-based), I make sure that I never run out of any. And for as long as I have a tub at home, then I'm far away from having rough and dry skin. I'm pretty sure you feel the same way, yes?

What I am going to review this time is the Leiania House of Beauty Liquoriced Coffee Whitening Scrub housed in a plastic tub with proper labels and information (directions for use, organic and natural ingredients, proof of authenticity, manufacturing and expiry dates).

For those who are not yet familiar with Leiania House of Beauty, they are one of the booming skin care and makeup brands that promote organic, ethical and holistic beauty. Their products are plant-derived and certified organic that not only cares for the skin, but for the environment too--very appealing to locals who have this huge aspirations to be a hero and save the world!

Hope you can read it well! :)))

What piques my interest regarding this product, I guess, is the variety of scrubs/exfoliants in this tub. There's coffee, poppy seeds and salts without the cream-based formula. I wonder if you know how I am a bit skeptical on using dry scrubs? Well, I really find them quite abrasive most especially on the thinner skin of the body like the face and it's not at all a pleasant experience. It feels like rubbing salt on open wounds. Very torturing instead of relaxing. But let me go ahead and spoil you that I found a better way to devour this tub of smells-edible-but-not coffee while welcoming it with open arms!

To reduce abrasiveness, I'd like to combine one tablespoon of this body scrub with one table spoon of honey, a teaspoon of combined olive and virgin coconut oil. This amount already suffice one luxurious bath, giving you baby-soft and smooth skin!

For the application, I just scrub it on my whole body (skipping my face as it can't really tolerate the rough edges of coffee and poppy seeds), paying more attention on rough areas particularly, then let it sit on the skin for an ideal 5-10 minutes (or longer).

Liquoriced Coffee Whitening Scrub claims to whiten the skin. My skin isn't dark in the first place and I don't have any substantial proof to claim that it did noticeably lighten my skin tone even after weeks of use. What I did discuss here are the things it does instantly.

Overall, I think it did a magnificent job in buffing away all the skin's impurities while revealing a healthier, softer and smoother skin with a beautiful glow. It's made of natural and organic ingredients which are safe for everyday use although I don't really recommend it for people with sensitive skin. Still, if you are looking for a product that won't burn a hole in your pocket, well, it's on top of the list!

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