Wednesday, April 6, 2016

UPDATED: Skin Care Routine for March-April

This blog post will going to show you what I did use for my face last month up until now.  I wanted to forget how and why I promised myself months ago to keep a minimal skin care routine for my face but, ugh, beauty products are just so irresistible, I can't help it!

I know we have to follow certain regimens to keep our skin as healthy as possible. The most common are the 3-step cleanse-tone-moisturize and 10-step skin care routine of Koreans. While three (3) is clearly not enough for me, 10, on the other hand, is just too overwhelming.

Considering the overall experience I have with these products (using each in conjunction with each other), I can say that these yield me a good outcome: brighter, healthier skin that gets less oily.


1. NATURA ORGANICS HOLY GRAIL SOAP, P189. I depend on it so much in the morning to remove all excess oil on my face during sleeping because it works well in cleansing and brightening the face although a bit drying. This is why I don't recommend it to those who have been suffering from dry skin.

2. BELO ACNE PRO PIMPLE FIGHTING GEL FACE WASH, (AcnePro Kit, P230). I use this gel face wash of Belo along with the Holy Grail Soap just because I like to double cleanse. This is super hydrating and moisturizing on the skin so I use this to compensate from too much natural oil loss.

3. BELO ACNE PRO TREATMENT TONER, (AcnePro Kit, P230). This toner does not only remove deep-seated dirt on my pores, but it also mattify my skin and contributes big time on the prevention of breakouts.

4. BELO ACNE PRO PIMPLE GEL, (AcnePro Kit, P230). I am using this pimple gel because acne-prone skin (like me) requires advance skin care routine with the use of spot treatments. I'm pretty sure you've heard from me that this is the least of my favorites from Belo Essentials Acne Pro Kit but I am looking forward for more product empties for the next month. I may not notice it but maybe this really works in its own little ways.  I do not say that I hate this product but I don't love it either.

5. NATURE REPUBLIC SUN BLOCK, P460. Sun screen has become a necessity that I would prefer it more than makeups. So it really would be nice to have sunblocks that are tinted enough (like Nature Republic Sun Block) to act both as sunscreen and a tinted moisturizer in one. This does not only save time but makeup usage too! Review of this product soon, by the way.


1. LEIANIA HOUSE OF BEAUTY MICELLAR EAU DE FLEUR. I actually love this tough makeup remover from Leiania House of Beauty. It so mild and gentle on the skin and it easily removes heavy makeup so I usually use this before washing my face at night. There are times when I am so tired that I just want to lay down in bed so I just use this this remove all the dirt and makeup on my face. It's organic and it's effective.

2. LEIANIA HOUSE OF BEAUTY BLEMISH CLEAR ACNE FREE FACE MASQUE, P305. This is my current go-to mask. I apply this everyday before I go to sleep because it has the ability to reduce sebum production, soothes pimples, acne and redness and makes skin bright and radiant. It's made or pure organic and natural ingredients too so consider it as a healthy treat for your tired skin.

3. BELO ACNE PRO PIMPLE FIGHTING GEL FACE WASH, (AcnePro Kit, P230). (See details above)

4. BELO ACNE PRO TREATMENT TONER, (AcnePro Kit, P230)(See details above)

5. BELO ACNE PRO PIMPLE GEL, (AcnePro Kit, P230)(See details above)

6. CLOUD 9 BLANC DE WHITENING CREAM, P700. As much as I would like to include it in my morning skin care regimen, I just can't because it just make my face appear so much lighter than the rest of my body. Let's say it could lighten complexion, I guess it will work better during nighttime when the skin regenerates the most and is at rest.

So, these are the products that I have been using since March. Care to share what's keeping you beautiful?

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