Saturday, April 9, 2016

Natura Organics Holy Grail Soap

Natura Organics My Holy Grail Soap
Price: P189 (full block)

I am such a die-hard fan of organic soaps. Organically-labeled add feels to these blocks like it invites us to bathe in luxurious suds, promises that we get nothing but pure goodness. Now, I am going to talk about a soap from one of the leading organic skin care and makeup brands on Instagram--Natura Organics' My Holy Grail Soap (which I got as a freebie for winning their IG contest yie!)

Natura Organics My Holy Grail Soap claims to have antioxidants and which brightens, lightens, hydrates, rejuvenate, clarifies the skin with their superstar ingredients: Organic Olive Oil, Coco Betaine, Organic Tamanu Oil, Antioxidant & Brightening Magnesium Ascorbyl (Vitamin C), Bellides™, Organic Rosehip Oil, Papain Enzyme Plus™, Antioxidant Vitamin E, NiacinPure™ Vitamin B3, Organic Moringga Extract, Organic Calendula Extract, Organic Bearberry Extract, Organic Tomato Extract and Organic Sunflower Oil. (100& Natural, 94% Organic)

This soap comes in a bright reddish-orange color with great sudsing formula and a slight combination of fruity and chemical scent which reminds me of Kojic or Glutathione soaps except this one, I can say, is a tad milder. This soap does not sting nor cause me any micro-peeling after finishing two thin slices. It melts easily too which won't be a problem since it's going to be undoubtedly consumed right before it even melts. Still, I wanted to make sure to prevent wasted soaps by dividing them into smaller parts.

Natura Organics Holy Grail Soap has great cleansing abilities. It effectively gets rid of dirt, dust and oil on the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, bright and glowing. However, I find it a little bit drying on the skin which isn't something moisturizers cannot address so still, it's a great product for me!

I actually used it first on my red days and amazingly (right on time!), it did soothe and remove acne/pimples which I have been battling with every freakin' month. The result? Clearer and brighter skin while on period! Amazing, isn't it? With this soap, nag-back out ata bigla mga pimples ko hahah!

What I like:

-Cleanses well
-Sudsy formula
-Brightens and clarifies the skin
-Dries out pimples
-Safe for face and body use
-Does not sting the face
-Made of organic and natural ingredients
-Makes skin looking clear and radiant
-Reduces oil production
-Mild and gentle formula

What I don't like:

-Could be a little drying
-A little expensive
-Soap melts quite easily

Overall, this product is super worth the repurchase! It could be a little excess in the budget but I know it will all be worth it. I love this bar and would highly recommend it to anyone! Go get yours now by visiting Natura Organics and drool over their extensive collection of makeup and skin care products which are highly raved by clients!

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