Friday, April 15, 2016

Silka Premium Whitening Lotion Green Papaya SPF30 with Olive Oil

Silka Premium Whitening Lotion Green Papaya SPF30 with Olive Oil
Price: P55 (50ml), P98 (100ml), P174 (200ml)
Bought from: Sample Room PH

The product with the most number of samples at the sampleroom undoubtedly goes to Silka Premium Whitening Lotion Green Papaya SPF30 with Olive Oil. So can you blame me when my initial reaction was that "Oh no way. People might not like it that's why it's the most un-availed. So I'm definitely not gonna put it in my cart." I was new to sampleroom back then and it was long before I notice the number of product availed and the number of stocks (hehe).

So I received my parcel and this product went along with it. I gave it a shot mainly because I am looking for SPF-based lotions which, in my experience, usually feels more lightweight than sunscreens/sunblocks, regardless of brands or available reviews online. This is the only one in my stash that needs some road-testing so I used it straightaway.

To sum up, my experience with this lotion is beyond satisfaction. I know two weeks is so short to gauge Silka's ability to whiten the skin but it was upon trying that we figure out how we underestimated a great product like Silka's. No wonder my mom adores every Silka's products in the market. I have tried the variant with milk and honey during my high school, it smells good, yes, but I can't really comment on the whitening ability of that product because I admit that I did not religiously use it. Why? Because back then, the greasy-feel that body lotions leaves on the skin just annoys me. But when used frequently, I believe that it would yield a better outcome, thus, whiter skin.

The formula of the product is creamy white in texture and color. Also it smells really nice and refreshing. It smells fruity which I really love and it also glides easily on the skin without leaving your it feeling suffocated and warm. It does leave a hint of shiny film on your skin (because of the olive oil) which I already expected upon reading the 'with Olive Oil' label. And it is but fine with me as it contributes to making pelts look healthier, more moisturized, hydrated and glowing. Upon application you can instantly feel the softness and smoothness of the skin.

The best thing about it is that it has a pretty decent amount of SPF30 which is already advisable for daily use. When you want your skin to still breathe and absorbs nutrient or if you are just off to run some errands, I suggest you go for lotions with SPF but of course, if you will stay long under the sun, aim for sunscreens with higher amount of SPF.

I always commute from Valenzuela to Makati and this has been my go-to lotion especially this summer. Although I did not see any noticeable lightening on my part after using it for over two weeks now, still, I love it so much and I will definitely repurchase. Also, I highly recommend it to any skin type as its mild for sensitive skin, moisturizing for dry skin and lightweight for oily ones (like me).

If you are interested, you can get a sample at or you can also avail a bottle on leading drugstores, supermarket and department stores nationwide.

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